Loyal customers – An effective marketing channel to get new customers

As a business person, you should always know that the marketing cost to get a new customer is usually very high. However, there is a low-cost yet very effective marketing channel which can save you a lot of money – your current customers who placed their trust in your products and have been loyal to you for years. As for myself, I often prefer advice about products from my friends or relatives to advertisements from news and media. That means if you maintain good relationships with your current customers, you absolutely can get more and more prospects.
The following suggestions will greatly help:
  • Establish good retention policies for current customers.
    Keep in touch with them: regularly make phone calls to inquire after them and their family, send presents on holidays or on their birthday, give them pleasant surprises so that they can feel your sincere, ... If you keep doing those things well, your customers will always have a good impression about you in particular and your business in general.
  • Check and maintain good quality of your products or services.
    For customers who have purchased your products before, try to serve them better and better. Never make them lose the trust they had in you. If you break an appointment with one of your customers or receive any complaint about the quality of your products, never try to void the problem. Instead, face it and talk seriously to your customers to work out some solutions or offer them compensation if necessary. In any case, assure them that the problem will not occur in the future.
  • Give member cards or VIP cards to regular customers according to the level of customer’s loyalty.
    This will make them feel proud of being your special customers who receive many benefits that new customers do not. Create a hot line so that customers with VIP membership can directly call the managers whenever they want to complain about poor service your staffs gave them. Regularly hold conferences, meetings so that you can listen to the feedbacks and then constantly keep track of responses from your customers. As a result, you can come up with timely solutions to support your current as well as future customers better.
  • A very important thing which may badly affect your image is the way you hire your customer support team. Remember that a business can never get loyal customers if it does not have loyal employees. Be extremely careful when your recruit your team and give them the best training to improve their skills to support your customers. You should also care about their living conditions. To earn your employees’ trust is to improve the image of your business in your customers’ view. This is very important!

In conclusion, once your business gains the trust and loyalty of some customers, try to maintain and develop the relationships with them. They will become a very effective marketing channel in the future.
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