Affiliate Marketing - Choose Your Product Wisely

When it comes to marketing, affiliates often overlook the importance of knowing the product they are promoting. Affiliate marketing is a skill, and the closer you are to your product, the better your sales will be.
Online retailers such as ClickBank offer thousands of digital products for affiliates to promote and offer up to 75% per sale, which is a lot higher than other affiliate networks. Considering you can join ClickBank for free and choose the product or products you wish to promote and be up and running within minutes - you're on to a winner.
Choosing Your Product
There are many categories available on ClickBank and each one comes with detailed statistics to help you decide which product to go for. You will be able to see the average amount you can earn per sale, which products are available in different languages, shippable products and most importantly products that have a proven track record for converting well.
Ewen Chia, one of the leading Internet marketers, knows how important it is to research a product before starting to market it. He knows that choosing a really popular product from sites such as ClickBank is tough because the competition will be fierce. The key is to choose a product that is popular, but not overly so.
If every other affiliate in your niche is promoting the same product it is going to be really hard to get sales.
Know Your Audience
You must also have a good idea of your audience. If your audience is mainly fashion conscious 30-something females then it would be silly to market a product that would be more suited to 60-year-old males.
Choose your product to suit your audience.
The quality of your product should always be good. Promoting bad quality products will ruin your reputation and your conversion rate will be low, meaning you will lose money in the long-run.
Target your audience with relevant, good quality products and build yourself a reputation that can be trusted.
Market Your Product
So you have your product and you know your audience-now to get the two together.
If you have a low budget, articles or blogs are a good way to start. Write an informative article or review about your product and post it online. This will hopefully drive traffic and create sales. There are sites dedicated to articles that you can post to such as or
You can of course create your own website which will be beneficial for ranking in search engines. Unfortunately it will take some time before you start seeing results but as a long-term benefit it's time well spent.
One way of seeing quicker results is to use social media to market your products. Social media includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space. It's free and has the potential of getting your message out to millions of people. Be wary of being labeled a spammer though as this can be detrimental to your reputation.
As long as you are responsible and know your product and audience well, it shouldn't be long before you are encouraging big-time sales.

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