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In today’s episode of The Unemployed Millionaire Show – Ask Me Anything TV, I got an interesting question from Tommy.

Tommy says, “I’ve watched all your videos, I’ve seen you speak, and I know you’ve hit the top rank in our company twice. It seems like this business comes incredibly easy to you, what’s your secret? How do you make network marketing easy”

Well Tommy, thanks for the question. There’s a very simple secret to make network marketing easy. It may blow your mind because it’s so profound so get a pen and make sure you write this down. (Yes I’m being a tad sarcastic)

Here’s how you make network marketing easy: Work you ass off for about 7 years, and don’t quit! Another very solid piece of advice comes from my friend Eric Worre. Eric Worre talks about the 1,3,5,7 plan for network marketing.

Eric Worre is an amazing leader and great trainer with tons of experience in the industry and his plan says this:

1 – It basically says, it’s going to take you about 1 year to figure things out. To get to the point you understand how to invite, how to ask someone to join your business.

3 – It’s going to take you about 3 years to get to a full time income IF you’re really working at it.

5 – It’s going to take you about 5 years to get to a six figure or multiple six figure a year income

7 – It going to take you about 7 years to get world class

I was a little slower and it took me a bit longer than 7 years but I think the question really needs to be re-framed.

The question is, “How do you make network marketing easy?” but I think that really isn’t a good question to ask because network marketing shouldn’t be easy.

Why? Because if it was easy we wouldn’t have the opportunity to earn fortunes doing it! If it were easy the companies could pay a fraction of what they pay and we’d still do it but we’d be making “job” type wages. So I personally am grateful that network marketing is not always easy.

Jobs are easy. You just show up, do what they tell you to do, and you get paid but the opportunity to earn a fortune isn’t there.

So instead of asking how to make network marketing easy I believe everyone in this business should learn to appreciate the struggle, be grateful for the challenge and appreciate the fact that you’re going to have to get good at something because the financial opportunity lies in the fact that it IS hard and is a little bit difficult.

Adjust your outlook to learn to accept and welcome that challenge, take the advice from Eric Worre, and commit to getting not just good but great at network marketing and it becomes easy because you become better.

That’s the best answer I can give you and I hope you can see the distinction.

Shift your focus from wanting network marketing to be easy to being excited to face the challenge. Because that challenge is what makes you good and then great at network marketing and when you’re great at anything, it becomes easy. But the difference is, with network marketing, you have a huge financial opportunity attached to becoming great and…

If you’re going to have to get good at something in your life, you might as well get good at something that’s worthwhile to get good at!

And always remember, if you do what’s hard, life will be easy, if you do what’s easy, life will be hard!

Now I want to hear from you! If you have additional tips and tricks for Tommy, feel free to chime in in the comments section below.

Abundance For Life

Thanks for your question Tommy, “How do you make network marketing easy? ” and look out for an email from my team with your free copy of my Abundance For Life program!
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