Why Your Least Favorite Word Is The Most Important Word To Your Success

There’s a simple little 2 letter word that most of us hate hearing! It’s a powerful word that shapes a persons success or failure. It controls and dominates most peoples actions in regards to creating success, robs people of their confidence, and these 2 little letters held me back from achieving success for years and they’re holding you back from greatness too!

The 2 letters are: N and O, NO!

That’s it, these 2 letters can stop your success and greatness dead in it’s tracks and robs you of your confidence!

Now you may not think that’s the case for you but stick with me for a second and I think you’ll see how incredibly powerful this idea is. When you are afraid of no, you take FAR less action, IF you take action at all. When you’re trying to avoid “no”, you’re probably doing things that make you appear to be busy working towards your goals but you’re really just avoiding taking the steps necessary to active success.

When you let “no” control your action it drains your energy and your confidence making the action you do take sub-par to your true ability, and sub-par effort will never get you to success in anything in life.

Instead of letting no dominate your fears, getting to the no and through the no as fast and as powerfully as you can should be the focused goal if you ever want to experience success. You can’t reach success avoiding the no’s because success is on the other side of the no, ALWAYS. It’s such a simple and profound concept and I think that’s why we tend to try to over complicate it. It’s really easy, if you LOVE chocolate (and who doesn’t love a great piece of chocolate?) but the chocolate you love so much is in the center of a delicious cupcake, and you avoid the cupcake at all costs, you’ll NEVER get the chocolate you want! Now that you’re craving sweets, let’s apply that delicious analogy to success. The success you want is like a present wrapped in “no” paper. You just need to go after it like an excited kid opening up a birthday gift. Attack the paper with feverish enthusiasm and rip through it to get to the gift it’s hiding underneath. The no’s are the half way point and you MUST get through the “no’s” to make to the success. There’s a great book by Richard Fenton called “Go For No” that I highly encourage you to read! Take some action on this by setting a big goal for as many no’s as you can get in a day. Why? Because it changes your mentality and perspective about no’s. It takes the fear away from no. It feeds your confidence by getting to experience the fact that even when you get a “no”, the world doesn’t stop turning and you don’t spontaneously explode on site, and everything is just the same as it was 10 seconds before EXCEPT that you are one step closer to success!

You’ve peeled off a piece of that wrapping paper so to speak.

When you change your perspective about “no”, all the things that are stopping you from success start to vanish and success starts to reveal itself VERY quickly. So always remember to Go For No and do it with excitement and enthusiasm. It’ll change your life! Make Life An Adventure!
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