Motivational Monday 159

Why Is Motivation So Important For Success?

I remember when I was just starting out on my journey to success. I had drive, fire, passion,motivation, and dedication. I was ready, and determined to create success in my life NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK!

But I wasn’t there yet. I was just a young, hopeful, eager, motivated, and willing student of success.

What I didn’t know just yet is that, all of the people I admired and looked up to who had the results I aspired to have, weren’t always there either.

Achieving success or becoming the person people are looking to model is an interesting thing. Because just like I did when I was searching for mentors and results to model, most people look at successful people and ONLY see the success.

They only see the “highlight reel” of their success but they rarely get a chance to see what it took to actually get there. The motivation it took to charge through the hard work, the sleepless nights, the stress, the uncertainty, etc.

Unfortunately, most people who reach a significant level of success don’t record the journey. (Seriously, I’d have never thought to record myself sleeping in my car LOL)

There are no cameras following them around during the challenging times. No one wants to get a picture with them. No one wants a autograph. No one even wants to listen to the wisdom they’ve gained up to that point.

No one notices you UNTIL you make it so all they see is the end result.

That’s why I like this video for Motivational Monday. It shows the behind the scenes action. It doesn’t show the glamor or highlight reel of the end result, it shows the highlight reel of the hard work, dedication, pushing yourself past your perceived limits, and the relentless effort it takes to rise above a sea full of others who are reaching for the same goals but who are unwilling to give it everything they have.

It’s those people who emerge from the fires the victors of themselves. It’s those people who dedicate their life and refocus all of their effort to achieving success in their lives that end up in the stories and on the stages of life where people all across the world become inspired by their results.

If I could leave you with one point on this edition of Motivational Monday it would be this…

Look behind the success, look behind the results, and be inspired by the work and the person they had to become to achieve that success MORE than you are inspired by the results. Because without the work, without the effort, and without the willingness to become “that person”, the results could never exists anyway.

Make Life An Adventure!
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