Anker stylish Bluetooth keyboard for Ipad

This article is going to show an ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard that is lightweight and offers a lot of features. The back side of the keyboard is made of aluminum and it looks like the back of an iPad. The keyboard's front has a rubberized coating that looks nice, resists fingerprints and has padded areas so the keys don't touch your iPad screen. The unit features a rechargeable Lithium battery rated at 280 mAh and it is expected to last 3 years. It can operate the keyboard uninterrupted for 100 hours and it only takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge. You can also use the keyboard while it is charging.
The keyboard is only 4 mm thick and it has a magnetic latch on a hinge to attach to the iPad and it also has built in magnets that put your iPad into sleep mode when it is closed or opened. It is a nice keyboard with a specialty row of keys that allow you to quickly go to the home screen, adjust volume, control your videos or music, lock the iPad and even more.

If you stop typing for 15 minutes the keyboard will go into sleep mode and it will awaken and repair to the iPad in 2 seconds when you touch any key. Remember this as if you just start typing you may lose several characters that you have typed as the two devices have not properly repaired yet.

The keyboard comes with a charging cable that is 2 feet long that is a standard USB plug on one end and a Micro USB connector on the other. You can charge the keyboard with the USB port on your computer or any USB AC wall charger that you own. It also comes with four stick on rubber feet for the back of the keyboard and a user instruction manual.

There is a pop up tab that allows you to lean your iPad against it and have it stand up in the portrait or the landscape mode. There is an on button and a LED that indicates red if the keyboard is charging. There is also a connect button and a blue LED that indicates that the keyboard is ready for pairing by flashing. You have to press the connect button to start the pairing process.

The keyboard weighs in at 10 ¾ ounces and when it is connected to an iPad the set weighs 1 pound and 15 ¼ ounces. Bluetooth pairing was fast and easy. When you turn on the connect function just go to your iPad settings and turn on the Bluetooth capability and then touch the pop up message that says the keyboard is not connected. A message will pop up and it will tell you to enter on the keyboard a four digit code that is random and then touch enter on the keyboard and you are paired. The connection range of the Bluetooth keyboard is about 33 feet.

I liked this keyboard and I thought it was attractive and easy to use. I like the magnetic latch to the iPad and the auto sleep off/on magnets built into the keyboard so that when it is closed the iPad sleeps and saves its battery power. I rated this product as a 5 star item. The ipad doesn't stay on the stand, with or without the case while traveling, it's a good keyboard if you're going to stay at home and use it at a desk. 

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