OZ Natural Vitamin C serum for skin care review

I’ve been spending quite a lot of money to search for a really good skin care product but most of them did not show me a dramatic result or a visible improvement. But this serum is completely different, it’s totally affordable and worth a try.

After few week of using, my skin looks softer and much healthier, the dull complexion is reduced and the winkles around my under eyes seem to be invisible now. Another reason I love this product is because it does not clog pores nor contain parabens or alcohol. There are many Vitamin C serums in the market; however, NZ Natural Vitamin C is the best Vitamin C product I found so far. It contains 98% natural and 72% organic (whole foods) ingredient which will not harm the skin.

I used a few drops of OZ Natural Vitamin C after cleaning my face by Clarisonic. I’ve just gently apply on the face then go to sleep since I heard that Vitamin C oxidized very quick and sensitive with sun light so I only apply it in the night before going to sleep. In case of using Retin A or Retinol, you can just wait couple of minutes for it to dry out and apply your product on.

This serum has become my saver for my skin and my pocket. It is less than 30$ but give much more incredible result than an expensive creams. It is really worth a try!!

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