Tiggly Shapes

Kids as young as my five month old daughter are drawn to tablet screens, and this product attempts to create a little more tactile interface that replicates how shape toys work in the non-virtual world.
Packed in the box are four shapes that have special capacitive "feet" on the bottom that interact with the touch screen on an iPad. A set of three apps are available for free in the Apple app store. One requires the child to match specific shapes, the other allows the child to 'stamp' shapes into a scene, and a third is an open-ended drawing application. Each has a special parents section which acts as a little curriculum guide to help ensure the maximum educational value out of the product.

The games are a bit simple but for younger kids this shouldn't be an issue. The pieces themselves are well constructed but their rubberized coating does attract some dirt. I also had some problems with the red square registering itself properly during use but I suspect that might be corrected in future software updates.

Tiggly's product isn't the only toy of this type. Fisher Price has a case/playcenter that also incorporates shape stamps like this. But I think the folks at Tiggly have better apps to accompany their product and your child might get a little more out of Tiggly's version.
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