Create the Future for Your Children Immediately From Today

When being young, we would set the goals for fortune and career and plunged into busy lives. Nonetheless, when being father or mother, our children's happiness and future are the central focus of our long-term plan. Whether we should educate our children to become good learners with intelligence or good personalities and happiness will not be an easy question for parents.

As society has been changing in such dramatic ways as at present, a person who just studies well and has profound professional knowledge is not guaranteed to be successful. This has been proved by thousands of dismissal and unemployment cases every year although many of those people are university graduates, some with master's and even doctorate degrees, and scholars. Therefore, if parents are only inclined to encourage or force their children to learn well, it is not certainly a rightful thing. Not to mention that the more knowledge that is crammed into children's minds not coming along with care and love, the larger the risk the children will suffer from depression and mental trauma.

A lot of research studies and observations of educators, psychologists and neurologists in the world have shown that the most important thing contributing to children's success in the future is non-cognitive skills - the personality features formed from the very first years of life. The research studies have also demonstrated that the quality of life, the care and love of family, especially the parents' care and love, from childhood are the foundation to form the children's personalities in the future. In the process of growing up, children need to be trained to acquire endurance, mental strength, inquiry learning and tenacity so as to pursue their dreams.

Therefore, parents should become close friends accompanying their children in all circumstances in order to timely understand children's thoughts, emotions and expectations, and they themselves should set good examples for their children to follow. If children stumble or fail, encourage them to learn to accept, not to give up and continue to stand up to accomplish the goals and dreams of their own. Children in general have faced many challenges in the maturing process. And each time they surrender a difficulty, the self-confidence and resilience in them slip widely. If parents do not timely encourage, help and accompany them, children will gradually isolate and keep too much to themselves.

Do not put too many expectations on your children because doing so, you will cause great pressure for them. Do not take their friends' academic achievements to compare with those of your children, and do not take the exam results of the children as fun and achievements to show off. Let's give your children a peaceful childhood and let them live their own lives and dreams.
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