Great by Choice - The Book Is Not Exclusively for Businessmen

Referring to Jim Collins, perhaps everyone immediately thinks of the philosophies and lessons of the two books which have gone into legend - "Good to Great" and "Built to Last". Nonetheless, the third book - "Great by Choice" will give the readers different ways of thinking. The readers would see themselves via the points and lessons for life which Jim Collins and Morten Hansen have analyzed through examples and research studies.

The formula for the top 10x companies (as ranked in this book) to be successful is the distinctive operation in the same objective environment full of changes. It is: being consistent in making choice, making decision relying on reality, managing risks to the highest level, and doing testing work in advance.

With the same analytical context, the top 10x companies have overcome the common difficulties of the era and kept thriving even when a series of competitors have been dislodged from the market. The market is always impacted directly and indirectly by the volatility of macroeconomic architecture, the management policies of the government or natural disasters like storms and floods. If the leaders of the companies always set out such principles as those outlined in the book "Great by Choice" in their own action plans, they will always lie in the active position. That is the reason why Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Intel... have calmly flourished over the centuries despite the whole world has been faced with economic depressions, political crises, and waves of terrorist attacks.

"Great by Choice" is not only the guidebook for the companies in all times, but also the lesson for those who desire to conquer success in life. In such an era filled with plenty of difficulties and turbulences as the present one, we need to be creative in order to work out the solution for ourselves, yet it must be based upon our own circumstances. We can take risk to gain a head start by taking a shortcut so as to reach the destination first, but must know how to manage risks to the highest level. Although you are at the summit of your career, you should not forget to make plans in order to cope with future risks. We can make the difference by undertaking big leaps, yet do testing work beforehand by making small steps.

Even though those who have already read the two prior books will find some unsatisfactory points in this third book, "Great by Choice" still deserves being added to the collection of the books which have helped open the door to success. Are you ready to try?
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