How Does the Rich Teach Their Kids?

I had always forced myself to get the highest achievement in study since I started school as I saw it the only way for me to be seen by others as successful. I passed every school year with excellence for twelve years of sub-tertiary education, and then I entered university although it was really difficult for us to afford it. I thought I was half way through the road to success. I read a variety of books ranging from living skills to secrets to get rich.

I had always hoped that the university certificate would bring me success. I would bring fame to my family; I would get a job with high salary and continue to study further.
My life, however, suddenly turned to a different road when I was in the final year at university. I decided to work for a company specializing in online selling although I was completely new in this field. It was at this place that my concept of success did change. Something urged me to conquer every requirement of this completely new kind of work. I suddenly realized that the bunch of knowledge I was trying to stuff in my head did not help me succeed in life. I learned about a lot of successful people in their work without ever graduating from university right in my company as well as examples of billionaires in the world.

I had to self-acknowledge that the university certificate did not help me succeed after four years working in online selling with dedication and passion. And I continued to search for the value of the word "success". A friend gave me a book called The Education of The Rich and said it was the kind of book for people like me. I did not think it was true, but I read it as I could not resist my curiosity about the title of the book.

There are really books that change people's life. I read the book and thought about it everyday. I thought about what I had experienced while reading the book and gradually found the answer to the question of my own. The most useful thing I thoroughly understood and learned from the book is the very simple things that help people succeed in life pointed out by the author: Find yourself a successful teacher to learn how to do things in your own way; find yourself an eternal passion in work to never stop; and find yourself a personal style to make you different.
I personally think success does not mean you must be a university graduate, and anyone can have success in their own way

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