Let's Live in the Present Tense

Someone has said that yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, and today is the present. That is the reason why the present is regarded as "a present" - a gift. Why do we not live our lives to the fullest in the present tense, but still think about the things that happened in the past or worry about the future?

While the economic life has been getting increasingly strained, anxiety and stress have also been rising up in directly proportional dimensions. The interesting thing is that inside each of us always appear the worries and thoughts about our own circumstances. Such the worries can be listed as the worries for daily necessities, health problems, business contracts, and how the children grow up. There is a black sheep in the every flock; every household has its own worry. The list can be longer with torment and regret for the happenings in the past included. Just because of a one-minute irritation, the couple quarreled with each other, and whether or not did he forgive his own mouthing off? Yesterday owing to being busy with cooking, the mother did not have an eye on her child. The child fell down and so the mother blamed herself on her own carelessness, and so on.
Usually, we pursue so many of the thoughts not being at present that a statistical research found that we only employ 10 - 20% of our brains for what is happening. Even though we are sitting in a meeting room, none of us dares to make sure that we are listening to the whole content of the meeting. Even when we are making an argument about an issue, the anxiety about billions of other things is still happening. Therefore, whether or not are we happier with such the worries and thoughts from the past to the future?
Despite knowing that we cannot stop thinking, it will only cause us to be more likely to get pressured and thus easily fall into a stressful mood not being able to find the solutions anymore. I have a friend, a consultant psychologist, who pointed out that those who think more make themselves unhappier and more pessimistic. Not to mention, when you are stressed, you are more likely to fall into depression and the quality of your life will decrease. In order to live a smooth life, let's try to get ourselves gradually accustomed to letting go - giving up.
After the treatment of psychological therapy for severe stress, I have contemplated that we have to let go and give up the happenings in the past as well as at present. Let's live to the fullest for the future tense, make plans and immediately do what needs to be resolved in everyday life so as not to re-think or regret. If there are so many problems to be solved and so many worries, jot them down on paper and determine the level of importance of each problem to work out the solutions.
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