Let's Step Out of the Oasis and Integrate Yourself Into Life

Have you ever felt like your life is monotonous and success is something that is far way though you have capability at work? Have you ever realized that you are all alone and isolated? I will tell you the three following anecdotes in order for you to be aware of whether you should go alone.

I would like to talk about my manager in the corporation where I am working. As an early 80s person and a graduate in Business Administration, she is successful with the position of a manager who is responsible for communications and marketing. She admits that she is not as professionally competent as her employees, but that does not impact on the effectiveness of her management. The support she receives from the very good and sustainable relationships with her friends and colleagues is key to her success. Especially, although she is the manger, she is always a devoted worker and treats everyone whole-heartedly.

Also, in my company, I had met a colleague who made me think a lot about the life skills for a successful person. He is very good at his area of specialization in the online marketing sector and used to work for corporations of great reputation such as Google in Asia. In less than two months after accepting the position, however, he took the initiative to leave in spite of the good salary and benefits. He said he was unable to integrate into the team and the superior bosses did not have good feelings for him. His professional ability could not be denied by anyone but his soft skills in working and communicating with teammates were very limited. The image people usually had of him was a lonely man with no friends to share lunch and his performance in meetings in which he delivered a monologue. He then went to work for an IT company and remained in the position no more than six months and did not advance beyond the position of an expert. As such, with his professional skills he did not have difficulty in finding new employment but his personal skills made success always just out of reach.

In the years at university, we had many ambitions for the later future. Among the ambitions, for which I admired him, my close friend had for himself was his very simple wish: to live to be himself. After graduation, he took one year to go sightseeing around the entire country and network with his friends. Then, he took part in the Ship for Asian Youth Program. On his return from the cruise, my close friend had become incredibly mature and lived a very happy life. After completing the postgraduate program, he joined a company in a salesman's position. He was extremely dynamic, and built up a productive and likable team. Currently my friend has joined my company as a manager in the Branding Division despite his joining the company after most of us and being a late 80s person.

Through the three above anecdotes, I would like to advise the young people, who are still shy and keep too much to themselves, that there are many people who will be starting with the same educational background, but whether we succeed or fail will depend on our communication skills and relationships. Never go out to eat alone and step out of the oasis, integrate yourself into life so as not to live in vain as well as waste your life!

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