Make the Dreams Come True

The difference between people who are living and those who only exist is that the former have their own dreams and determination to fulfil the dreams while the latter just live life one day at a time not knowing where they will get to go. If you have a dream to pursue, then every day you will live your life to the fullest with the choice you have made and have strong motivation so as to overcome obstacles. The crux of the matter, however, is how you fulfil your dream.

We need to have an optimistic spirit, perseverance and trust in ourselves. Specify your ambition by writing down all of the things you desire, evaluate their levels of importance and sort them according to the allocated timeline for completion. The remaining thing to do is to spend your entire time making good effort to get these things accomplished.

Such well-known people as Charles Robert Darwin, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and so on became great owing to that each of them had his own dream and was determined to pursue it as if it were part of their body. They worked diligently, from day till night, in their research laboratories without feeling bored, and could accept failure but did not stop. Particularly, when finding out a new scientific result, they kept plunging into the subsequent research studies; yet they did not sleep through the victory.

There is an anecdote that, in a classroom in the United States, an elementary school boy, when writing about his dream of becoming an owner of a big property served as a resort for vacation and relaxation, was criticized and threatened with bad marks by his teacher. Nevertheless, that boy never changed his mind and made great effort to retain his own ambition. Thirty years later, when they met each other again, the boy in the past is currently the boss of a tourism resort for vacation and relaxation to which his former teacher went on vacation. This teacher had admitted her mistake when criticizing her pupils' dreams. Also, in a Southeast Asian country (Vietnam), people still cannot forget the dream of a little girl who is a victim of bone cancer syndrome. In spite of knowing that her remaining lifespan was just counted in months, this girl born in 1988 was vigorously determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a student of the Psychology Department, disregarding the pain of the disease. A happy smile is always blooming on her lips, and though she made that dream unfinished, her optimistic spirit and determination have given strength to thousands of children who are the victims of life-threating diseases in this country.

Despite smiles, tears and even bloodshed on the road to make our dreams come true, we have to continue stepping forward on that road. Only when having a dream and determination to fulfil it are we able to become great in our own lives. Then will come a day, when your hand touches happiness, it is the moment for you to break though the limitations of yourself. "Human beings, owing to having a dream, have become great."
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