Nourish Your Dream to Get Always Ready

According to the finding of many research studies, normally kids aged from 4 to 5 have started to know how to express their dreams. At this age, most boys will dream to become supermen who have extraordinary magic, while girls dream to become pretty princesses. That is consequently the influence from children's movies and fairy tales that they have seen or heard. Over time, children have gradually sought for themselves another image in order to pursue a new dream fitting into their perception at that age.

While modern life has increasingly developed in a variety of fields such as information technology, music, movies, and so forth, there appear more and more idol models of the youth. You easily take the image of a beautiful actress or a certain singer to be your idols so as to build up your futures. Meanwhile, each person's life has been filled with the ups and downs and various difficulties. Then, your idols will not able to give you strength in order for you to deal with the challenges of life that only the inner power and a stable goal can enable you to overcome. So, how do you nurture your dreams?

According to psychological researchers, in order to help young people shape appropriate dreams, parents should usually tell them the examples of real life people worthy following. They could be historical heroes or the stories of people who were successful, perseverant, and patient to purse a future despite their hard lives. From here, the youth will know to select for themselves an example to build up a road of maturity. If their dreams are unrealistic and hard to fulfill, parents should be tactically remind them in order for them to adjust themselves into the right direction.
Psychologist Sandra Mcleod Humphrey told about the 25 examples of people who patiently pursued their dreams beyond their obstacles. They went through material deprivations, physical handicaps, or psychological barriers to build up their own careers. They are just ordinary people yet can do extraordinary things owing to having the enduring inner mental strength and fighting to death for their own dreams.

Despite having known that life is, by its very nature, the reality in the present tense, we sometimes have to know how to let go and give up several things so as to gain more important things. Nevertheless, living with a dream will help us set a goal heading to the future; there are also many people living but having no ambitions, no goals, and not knowing for what they better themselves to develop. Having a dream, it means that there is a wide road spreading out ahead and that there is another opportunity to walk through the narrow door of obstacles so as to conquer the happiness of life.
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