Open the Door and Welcome the World

Have you ever found yourself in situations when there is no one by your side? Have you ever had difficulty in communication? Have you ever asked yourself why your friends are more successful than you when you are equally qualified? You will find the answers to these questions in the content that follows.

There is a formula for success devised by psychologists as follow: 20% IQ + 80% EQ (Emotional Quotient). This formula is widely applied in business these days when companies review employee performance or recruit personnel. They always look for candidates who have good living skills and can highly adapt to new working environments. However, not everyone is aware of this, and not everyone possesses good communication skills to successfully connect with others.
According to Keith Ferrazzi, each individual has his or her own ability to attract other people, but successfully making use of it in life is not something that anyone can do. The same is found in a popular concept among people from Eastern cultures: anyone has his or her own discreet charms, but they vary in the way they show them.

So, what is the key to good communication and connecting with other people?
Take up the habit of not eating out alone. Joining a group is the best way for building social contacts. Eating out with your colleagues, bosses or employees best saves you time in connecting with them. It is interesting to know that lots of business contracts are easily signed after companies have meals and share information.

Not eating out can be broader interpreted as maintaining confidence and actively engaging in conversations with other people. Do not underestimate yourself or retreat into your shell just because of your shyness and lack of confidence in communication. No one wants to be friends or be around boring people who push themselves to loneliness and pessimism.
Make use of simplicity and your devotion. You should communicate your ideas as simply and in as much detail as possible. Do not forget to let other people understand you. This will help you easily connect to them.

To succeed in life and career, you cannot totally depend on the abilities of your own. Relationships will give you lessons, maturity and new opportunities in an unexpected way. Open the door to welcome the world!

Please don't forget: "Man is not born to disappear like an anonymous grain of sand. They are born to leave an imprint on the ground and in other's hearts."

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