The Gem From the Hearts and Minds

There will be many people who have been still seeking the solutions to improve communication skills and conquer others' hearts. There are not few enterprises which have searched for the key to solve the problem of conquering customers to increase sales / turnover. Few people, however, know that in order to solve such the problems, they should try to enchant their opponents.
Hearing the word enchantment, many people think that it is a trick, actions that are not transparent; yet, it is not really so. According to the analysis of the author Guy Kawasaki in the book of the same name, enchantment is a roadmap from building sentiment and belief to making deep and sustainable relationships on the journey toward the goal of each individual or a business / an enterprise. This journey requires time, patience and no small effort as well. It starts with accepting the difference and voluntary change of each person till you have found yourself satisfied with the goal you set.

We must accept that we cannot change the whole world; yet, change ourselves to adjust to the relationships around us instead. When accepting the difference, you move toward building trust and finding out something new to impress the supporters on your side. Next, you must maintain others' good impression on you and find the way to make that good sympathy / sentiment widespread. For enterprises, this journey is a lot more important / vital than ever before to search for and keep the customers with them.

The journey of enchantment was fully and successfully completed in a Southeast Asia country by a fashionable trade name which exclusively distributes the Gucci brand products. The owner of this enterprise won so much of the customers' affection and trust that these products were ranked luxury goods in the country notwithstanding that the customers still increased in number and remained loyal to the enterprise. This enterprise, 10 years after foundation, has thrived into a chain of stores stretching out the big cities in there. Not only that, the owner of this enterprise has also known how to enchant his employees in such a way that they still regarded him as a relative and good brother when they no longer worked for him.

The secret to successful enchantment has not stopped being discussed about merely in this article, however. Let's read the book entitled "Enchantment" by Guy Kawasaki to find out the solutions for your own. As Dr. Phil Zimbardo, professor emeritus of psychology, Stanford University stated, "The book is about how to pull gems from people's hearts and minds and how to become an effective practitioner of life's crucial domains."

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