Too Busy to Have Time for Love?

Have you ever seen the happy smile sparkling in the eyes of the parents when their busy children peacefully unwind at home for only a few hours? Have you ever read the pleasure on the rosy cheeks of your other half when you surprisingly spend more time being with her? If you are always overwhelmingly occupied with working in every hour, do you have any time for love? Then, those strong emotional bonds have been gradually loosened until you lose them, will you feel regret for that?

The happiness of parents is not the big sum of money their children earn, nor the unusual delicacies from around. The elderly people are most afraid of loneliness.
The happiness of a wife or a girlfriend is not expensive gifts, yet simply the moments when they are completely together sharing joys and sorrows. It is the hours when they are all together cooking, educating and raising children, and looking after their own sweet family.
To your children, their happiness is simply the hours when they are all playing around, and being cherished with the love and care of their parents.
However, while the whirling of daily necessities in modern life pulls us far away, our warm family has become gradually cold. The hours to meet with their descendants have been scarcer and scarcer to the old parents. The meals served on the dinner table with all of the family members getting around have just been counted on the fingers of a hand. Children have gradually gotten themselves accustomed to living far away from home and being all alone with the warmth of their parents out of reach. And then, what will happen when some day you get back home only to see your home sweet home in cold air?
Let's become a person who knows how to deny being married to work and have time for your beloved people before it is too late to do that.
Let's classify your work into a variety of types in accordance with the levels of importance and the amount of allocated time and take notes of all. If there are tasks requiring your colleagues and subordinates to complete, then be bravely willing to trust and delegate them to deal with them. Put aside all unnecessary devices for communication and focus highly on dealing with the tasks at hand. Particularly, never forget that you have only 8 hours to get the work done within the day in order to avoid encountering a log-jam of work and home-taken work. Let's take the briefcase to leave your office after 5:30pm unless you want to kill time by working.
Parents who have been getting older and weaker cannot wait until when we are really wealthy. A pitiful wife cannot stand sitting many long hours at the door to wait for her husband to get back home at midnight. The childhood of children cannot go along with their parents' success without the guidance, education, and love of their family. The ardent love and gratitude between a wife and a husband are not in direct proportion to the increasing figures in the bank account.
Happiness is hard to define as it is delicate but very simple. Let's learn to express your love with great respect toward and have really blissful moments for yourself and people beside you in order that to live does not just mean to exist.
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