What Should We Do to Be Successful?

People may all set their own goals to achieve in life; however, there are still numerous of stories about business failure, bankrupt business people, millions of people unemployed and series of crimes. What cause all this and what should people do in their journey for success?
Success not only comes from knowledge and never depends on individual's IQ; it is a journey in which individuals make their effort to overcome limitations in thinking, their skill and spirit in dealing with problems, and the tacfullness in communication... If people who fail think "man proposes, god disposes", successful people are those who are masters of their own thinking to decide their fates.

There is a formula of success devised by the Israeli, which is 20% IQ + 80% (AQ + EQ) in which AQ is adversity quotient and EQ is emotional quotient. However, the matter is not anyone can apply successfully such a formula in life. We are always pulled back by our inertness, laziness, limitations in thinking, and negative thoughts. To get rid of those negative factors and master our thinking, each individual needs to free his or herself from inherent limitations; and to get the "sweet fruit" waiting for you at the end of the road, you need to own an interior strength and know how to control your own emotions.

You need to concretize and have faith in your goals, free yourself from your immanent limitations, adjust your emotions and be tactful in communication. Never cite objective reasons for your failure to achieve your goals. Let's take Nick Vujicic as an example: he has defeated his fate to become a successful and happy man who has inspired millions of people with his strength, his faith in himself and supreme patience.

According to Gilbert Ng - a famous public speaker in Asia - Pacific region - to gain success, individuals need training and patience in their journey. Your goals must be conquered patiently; you can still do things when it is late for them to be done, but you must never give up. You should build an interior strength to help you achieve your own goals; especially, you must believe in yourself.

According to Adam Khoo - a public speaker and young Singaporean millionaire - the key to success is to master one's thinking to change his or her fate.
What about you? Which is your way to gain your success?. Make up your mind.
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