Women Should Learn How to Spend Money Wisely

Money does not buy happiness, but we will be unhappy without money. In modern life, women understand the importance of learning money-making skills to have a comfortable and fulfilled life. However, most women only focus on financial planning and often ignore or have little knowledge of financial thinking. With the insightful experience and psychological suggestion, Loise P. Frankel helps all women have a comprehensive concept of financial thinking in her book on avoidable mistakes women make with money.

It can be said that women are often difficult to get rich because their cerebral hemisphere is more sensitive in emotion and less intelligent in logic and arithmetic than men's cerebral hemisphere. Men usually decide to spend money on something that is definitely necessary. In contrast, women spend money buying things that will be probably necessary. Women do not understand all their own emotions and desires. Thus, a common mistake women make with money is that "Spending as an emotional crutch".

Being affected by outdated concepts or dependent behaviors, most women are socialized to be child bearers, caretakers, nurturers or accommodators in society, not breadwinners. Consequently, women shall be "stuck" in financial thinking and do not know how to spend and handle money wisely due to the lack of money-making skills. Despite earning a lot of money, women are always cautious to choose saving instead of investing. They do not dare to take investment risks in profitable business types. If you have the same thought as most women and you do not "think rich", you certainly do not consciously try to do things to get rich.

The author points out that changing in perception, maximizing financial potential at work and learning how to spend money smartly are the root to help women become rich. It not only discovers their potential ability, motivation and creativity but also helps to them follow their own dreams and enjoy lives comfortably. The people who know how to spend money wisely and dare to take risks are totally self-confident to be the master of their own lives. You are rich when you are able to live an abundant life. The time to consider you being rich is not determined by someone else's definition, needs or expectations. It is determined by your own values, lifestyle, and risk tolerance.

Money is considered as a lubricant to make our lives better. It is never too late for women to learn how to spend and handle money wisely. When women have money-making skills and financial thinking, they will know how to invest their money strategically and logically. Therefore, nice girls should learn skills of financial planning and thinking as soon as possible to become such winning women.

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