Discover Your Death Points for a Happier Life

Together with the circle of daily necessities, responsibilities toward children, parents, friends and colleagues easily cause pressure and stress in our lives. So, how do we both succeed and gently but fully fulfil those responsibilities? The four emotional death points and also the principles in life will help us smoothly deal with problems in life.

Death point of yourself - understand yourself to be more confident and happier

Before finding the road to success, the most basic thing is to understand yourself. Let's accept ourselves with our natural strengths and weaknesses. Identify your dream, be aware of what is important and unimportant to you, and spend the rest of your life striving for attaining your dream. The road to the future has always been obstructed by difficulties. Therefore, accept the truth and sometimes even admit failures yet do not allow yourself to give up. Be flexible in thought when confronting difficulties because it is the solutions that are important, rather than the complaints. Live your own life in the present tense without any fear, astonishment, hesitation and doubt.

Death point of money - a tool that makes life easier yet is indispensable

Despite the fact that you are living in any country or any era, money and material comforts are always the financial foundation and indispensable tools for you to build a happy life. However, if you do not know how to manage it, you are more likely to become a victim of money. So, each person tries to be wise when using and constructing life goals related to finance. Try to stand on the sides of justice and angel, and do not fall into the darkness of evil. Become your own advisor in your financial plan to use money in the way that it will help you complete your roles and responsibilities.

Death point of love - be careful or you will fall into the emotional trap

Throughout time love has been a timeless topic of concern for everyone. A difficult question for many people is how to make it a motivational force for fulfilling your dreams rather than an obstacle. Standing at the doorway of love, you must be wise and quiet to listen to your emotions and become the advisor of yourself. You should consider whether love is your own happiness and life or not, and be ready to give up when it is not suitable to you.

Death point of reputation - constructed from knowledge and honesty

Each of us carries in ourselves a personal ego which is a motivation to help us make our dreams come true, yet would be a huge obstacle if we are not self- controlled. Therefore, be brave to step out of your little world and harmonize with the community. Build up your reputation with your humility and self-control by maintaining certain proper boundaries. Set aside a little time for taking care of yourself, know when to give up and accept that we cannot understand everything. Construct your reputation by knowledge, depth of soul and charity.

We human beings have only one life to live; take control of yours and live every day to the fullest based on your own desires. Do not be too afraid and worried; otherwise, you may abandon your goal. Just because of some difficulties you have experienced in life, you may not be determined enough to passionately pursue the goal you have set. Therefore, you should make every effort to achieve your dream and fulfil your responsibilities. Do not forget that "Eventually, everything will be fine; and if not, life does not end."

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