Do Not Leave Your Children Lost in Their Own House

Do you remember how long ago your last family meal with all members present was? How many days has it been since you did not meet and talk with your children even though you all live under the same roof? Have you ever felt remorse when your children, while still living with both parents, suffer from being alone? Have you ever listened to your children to know whether they are happy with a life full of material comforts that you have been working day and night to create as a trade-off for the time you do not have for your family? What will happen when some day you are startled to realize that your children are showing signs of autism because they have been living alone for too long?

While you have been gradually making good progress in your career, your future is clear. But, have you ever asked yourself the question "what will be my children's future when their parents are always overwhelmingly busy?" Now, the house is not a home but rooms which are full of technological devices yet empty. Their life during the day is fully occupied with schooling, and during the night dealing with the housemaid and going to sleep by themselves when getting absolutely exhausted. Have you ever remembered, during the fun get-togethers or parties, your children's gloomy and lonely eyes? Do you remember, while on your frequent business trips, the innocent "why" questions of your children? This is one of the main reasons why the more modern life becomes, the larger the proportion of children who suffer from depression and autism.

Take time to pause for a minute to listen to your children, slow down the rhythm of your life and reduce a little your workload in order to maintain the warmth of your family being together and cultivating the future with your children. Try to get home from work in time for family meals. Talk and share daily stories to understand the circumstances of the family members so as to promptly resolve any conflicts arising.

Instead of consigning your children to tutors and teachers in order for them to be crammed with knowledge, join with your children to do the exercises in school, listen to them and help develop their essential life skills. This is also an opportunity for you to observe, understand and accompany your children during their various stages of development. The researchers on psychophysiology and education have proved that the foundation generating your children's future is non-cognitive skills - the personal characteristics that are formed from the love, care and education within the family.

Not only that, when parents are with and always listen to their children, they will have more resistances against difficulties and dangers of the external environment.
Children's success in the future is not built with materials but constructed with bricks of love from the cradle of the family. Let's give your children a home sweet home rather than a house which is luxurious but empty and lacking the loving warmth of their parents.
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