How to Build Trust in Business?

I once read somewhere that trust and faith bring joy to life and help relationships grow to their maximum potential. Indeed, all relationships without trust are like a car without gas. When we live in the era of so much suspicion that make us lose many close relationships and other valuable things, trust becomes not only a critical basis to link mankind together but also a driving force to improve reliability, boost credibility and help us achieve success and prestige.

Trust is considered as the root of all relationships and in all fields such as business, politics, society, family, individual and so on. In life, trust helps us get love, sympathy, close relationships and advancement in career. In business, for an organization, trust growth means the increase of customers, profits and the minimization of dispute and conflict. Trust helps to achieve sustainable success more quickly with lower cost.

Thus, how to build and gain trust? A few people can think that trust is merely a soft, social virtue. However, Stephen R. Covey and Rebecca M. R. Merrill believe that trust is the one thing that changes everything. In business, trust is the driving force of economic growth to create opportunity and increase revenue growth and market share. It is established on the basis of five underlying principles such as credibility, behavior, alignment, reputation and societal contribution. In addition, there are thirteen behaviours to build and restore trust in all relationships, including talk straight, demonstrate respect, create transparency, right wrongs, show loyalty, deliver results, get better, confront reality, clarify expectations, practice accountability, listen first, keep commitments and extend trust.

We always make every effort in different ways to build trust. But, after all, trust in business or personal relationships must come from the honesty and sincerity without any bad intention or purpose. This is also the reason why "trust" is interpreted as "faith" or "honesty". First, honesty is proven by keeping commitments and fulfilling obligations. And then there is the need of making the voluntary contribution and dedication to the interests of others and the development of mankind. In other words, to build and get trust, each individual and organization have to create values that deserve to make others trust.

Trust is defined as the roots of a tree. Even though the roots deeply grow below the surface of soil and no one can see them, they are the most important organ to provide the tree with the appropriate food, nutrients, strength, stability and growth. Learn how to sustain and build trust in all relationships is a journey of branding and creating sustainable values because "trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.". Remember that trust brings future success and joy to life. If you believe in that, you should experience to look for the magic in your own life.

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