Playtex 3 Pack VentAire Standard Bottles, 9 Ounce

  • The unique design of the Playtex VentAire Advanced Standard Bottle makes it ideal for moms who are breast- or bottle-feeding. Its patented anti-leak bottom vent prevents air from mixing with liquid, helping to keep air out of the contents and allow your baby to feed more comfortably. Clinically proven to reduce gas, colic, and messy spit-ups, all three angled bottles promote the semi-upright feeding position recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections. BPA- and Phthalate-free, the 9-ounce bottle ensures that babies feed safely every time.
    Playtex Lifestyle Shot
    Playtex VentAire products help protect against gas, colic, and spit-ups.
    The Playtex VentAire Family: Pediatrician Recommended for Easy, Safe Feeding
    Playtex designs their VentAire bottles and nipples to promote the semi-upright feeding position pediatricians recommend to prevent ear infections. Micro-channel vents create a consistent flow of liquid, minimizing pressure on your baby's ear canals and protecting against gas, colic, and spit-ups.Well-Designed Bottle for Proper Feeding Technique
    Each angled VentAire bottle helps promote the proper, semi-upright feeding position that is recommended by pediatricians to avoid ear infections. The slender bottles allow a sure grip for even the tiniest hands and caregivers can comfortably hold the bottle while feeding.
    Patented Venting System to Reduce Gas
    Micro-channel vents placed on the bottom of the bottle, instead of slits on the nipple, provide a consistent flow of liquid. Air enters and exits the bottle without mixing with the milk, greatly reducing gas, colic, and messy spit-ups, while also minimizing pressure on your baby's ear canals. The BPA- and Phthalate-free bottle comes in a variety of sizes so your baby can grow with the VentAire system.
    Easy Cleanup and Convenient, Pre-Calibrated Bottles
    For added convenience, the VentAire bottles open at both ends for easy cleaning. The bottles, bottle caps, vent disks, and nipples are safe to wash on the top rack of the dishwasher or can be rinsed with hot, soapy water. Plus, the bottles feature convenient, pre-calibrated markers, so you never have to guess at how much liquid you are giving your baby at each feeding.
    About Playtex: Thoughtfully Designed Products for Your Little Ones
    The Playtex family of baby and toddler products provides invaluable, time-saving products for parents and caregivers. From bottle-feeding systems and pacifiers to the Diaper Genie and children's utensils, Playtex delivers innovative design and high-quality products for use from birth to the preschool years. With the Drop-Ins, VentAire, and Kinder-Grip systems, Playtex is the number-one pediatrician-recommended bottle brand.
    What's in the Box
    Three Playtex VentAire Advanced Standard Bottles, 9-Ounces.

    Product Description

    The VentAire Advanced Bottle System uses Micro Channel Vent Technology which prevents air bubbles from mixing with liquid and going into baby's tummy. With its narrower shape, the VentAire Advanced standard bottle is easier for baby to hold. A clinical study confirms that babies using new Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles. With its narrower shape, the VentAire Advanced standard bottle is perfect for babies to hold. If you are switching from breast and bottle and your baby prefers a narrower nipple, the VentAire Advanced bottle can be adapted to fit almost any pump.VentAire advanced bottles are easy to clean and come with a leak proof, break proof guarantee. The bottles are compatible with our line of Nursing Necessities breast pumps. Remember to use only VentAire Advanced Standard nipples. Other nipples will allow air bubbles to enter liquid through the nipple, creating gas for baby. Colors vary: Boy white/green/blue, Girl white/yellow/pink, Neutral white/green/yellow. 
  • Babies using new Playtex VentAire bottles had less gas, spit up, colic and other discomforts than with other leading bottles
  • With its narrower shape, the VentAire standard bottle is perfect for babies to hold
  • VentAire bottles are easy to clean and come with a leak proof, breakproof guarantee
  • Colors vary: Boy white/green/blue, Girl white/yellow/pink, Neutral white/green/yellow
    Customer review :
  • By Rumiwon : 
  • 1. This is the only nipple my new baby likes. She didn't like the nipples that her older twin brother/sister used. Making the transition from breast to bottle was fairly simple, as long as I heat the bottle of milk up first! lol

    2. Bottle is easier to clean. Sure it comes in pieces, but I like the fact that because the bottom comes apart, I can really get the bottles clean. The bottom of the conventional bottles would never get quite that clean, even when I use those bottle brushes. The brushes don't get into the crevices on the bottom so there's that thin layer of dried milk or something that's always there.

    3. Ergonomically correct in shape. Easy for me to hold, and for the baby to hold as well. Since the bottle curves upwards, the weight of the bottle is dispursed centrally so the baby has an easier time holding it.

    4. It seems like I don't have to burp her so often, and she doesn't spit up.

    5. Doesn't leak if you have it screwed on correctly. 
  • By Emilie :
  • I am a first time mother to twin sons ((now nearly 8 months old)) and I was unable to breastfeed for a few reasons, so I purchased a whole LOT of Avent bottles... HUGE MISTAKE!

    First let me tell you, NEVER buy a lot of one type of bottle before having your baby test them out! I sterlized all the avent bottles, wanting to be prepared when I needed them, and now I have a million of them around the house collecting dust because I cannot return them! For a few reasons the Avents did not work for us ((not just based on my boys preferances either, I all in all do NOT reccomend those bottles if you or your baby do not like the VentAires!)). I purchased these bottles and I LOVE them! My boys only take the natural nipple, and I have yet to see another bottle with a similar nipple shape. They do NOT leak if you put them together properly. First of all, you must make sure that the bottom of the bottle is secured TIGHTLY, and that the disk is put in correctly for you to get the advantages of the vent system. There is no "special trick" to getting the bottles to seal correctly so there aren't any leaks, which is how a bottle should be... you shouldn't have to line up arrows or wet the rim first, thats none-sense. The curve allows me to easily feed a baby ((or two!)) and the shape is great for the release of air to reduce gas problems ((which my boys have never had a huge problem with, and I thank the ventaire bottles!)) It is VERY easy to clean, I just rinse out the bottles in the sink ((just some warm water and soap)), and then I put the long bottle part on the highest rack of my dishwasher, and the rings, bases, nipples and disks go into the smaller baskets that I purchased for the dishwasher. I have NEVER had a problem with the dishwasher ruining nipples or disks, and so far no leaks ((although I do recommend changing nipples and disks every few months, they DO start to wear!)).

    There IS one thing I would like to add. One of my friends who has a daughter a bit older than my boys was at first dissapointed in the ventaires because they leaked in her diaper bag while traveling with them... We realized that this is because the bottle caps are NOT meant for preventing leaks while thrown into a diaper bag! They are for keeping the nipple sanitary on-the-go. Therefore when I need to bring bottles on a day trip, I put the right about of powdered formula into the bottles required, and carry around a large water bottle separately. When its feeding time I add water, shake, and have a ready-made bottle! If there is still liquid in the bottle, I cary it straight up in the stroller, or cap it with the solid caps ((sold separately... I found them at BRU)).

    All in all GREAT bottles, highly recommended!

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