There Is a Path to Happiness

There are some days when you just want to stay in bed, finding yourself in difficulty and taking great exertion to get up, and seemingly trying your best to be able to do even simple things. You have become feeble and extremely sensitive. Trifling things can even make you burst into tears and humiliation seems to be lurking in every single corner. Is it true that the path to happiness was blocked?

In fact, suffering and disappointment are essential things because they remind us of the targets that are not practical any more. Yet, it is a dangerous mechanism since negative things are full of very strong vitality. And the more you delve into the pain, the more you are vulnerable while we tend to have a desire to narrate and keep our bad mood by ourselves. How can we control our emotions and set up a new life?

Inside each of us is always hidden an intolerant ego and laziness. To conquer or disagree with this weakness will make us happy or unhappy. We can decide our own lives not relying on emotions or innate ability. It is a long journey that requires practice and self-control. Some research studies have pointed out that only when we are conscious of our emotions can we freely decide whether we follow them or not. This control will help us think positively, make lucid decisions, and absolutely can be practiced to obtain.

When practicing self-control, we will have a double impact on the brain. First, we are less likely to have negative reactions originally. Second, we can enhance the ability to control these emotions, if ultimately they still flare up. Over time we have learned how to deal with our emotions more easily. As a result of that, negative thinking will occupy less in our minds.

Happiness is like a process of planting a trees in that it requires time, care and a plenty of nutritive substances. In particular, that process cannot be separated from the community. Let's escape from the lonely oasis of ourselves and rapidly step out into the outside world. Whatever mood you are in, sharing with your friends and relatives will always help you find the best solutions. The research studies have also shown that people living alone suffer higher risk of death than smoking addicts.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination, and there is not only one path to happiness. Each individual person, depending on their personality and circumstances, will select happiness habits that suit them. However, no matter what may happen, to conquer that journey you are supposed to have time, determination, practice and even you have to pay a price for it.

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