What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

When you are at the age of 20, you are no longer young, but not yet old. That age is enough for your desires and even your frivolities to flare up intensively. At the age of 20 you have to face some important milestones in your lifetime. But you lack the experience of the other ages such as the ages of 30 and 40 to be able to "fear" in order to act in a mature way and control your big emotional ego.

The big turning-points in a lifetime such as leaving peaceful days at university or starting a new career make us ponder and worry much. The fact that we have to face a forest of choices while nobody tells us which one is right or wrong is so scary. There is no leading path available or pre-written formula for success. Even deciding how and where we should start is really a very hard thing to do. All of these come when we are in our twenties.

At this time, there is only one way that is to receive challenges and break out of established thought patterns. We cannot accept the solutions at standard-sufficient level merely for safety. Instead of waiting for opportunities to come, let's create and seize opportunities for ourselves. Success just comes to those who know how to seize opportunities, conquer difficulties and try their best to complete their goals.

We should not limit ourselves to self-limiting thoughts. Let's approach every problem from many different aspects. Let's be well-equipped with enough confidence so as to turn stress into excitement and challenges into opportunities. Once we try our best, the result is deserved no matter what it is because we get more mature every time we stand up after a stumble. Never forget that you should allow yourself to be bold and brilliant.

However, with the enthusiasm and desire of the young age, you will encounter a lot of difficulties due to not having enough experience to be able to be mature. This age is the one of ambitions and even intensive frivolities. The self-colored dreaming pictures of the age 20 are always beautiful and floating. Therefore, everything going away always leaves us the regret, wrong thought or despair. In order to avoid mistakes, we have to understand our own weaknesses and strengths, and make rational decisions after thoroughly analyzing something in every aspect.

Very rarely does success come to you the first time you start a business. So, let's just move forward with a cool head and a hot heart, getting ready to receive all the failures. We must accept that failure is part of life which is inevitable on the road to achieve our goals. The important thing is that you should know how to gain experiences after a failure so as not to repeat the same one. There is a saying "Failure is the mother of success. When failure is not sufficient, then success has not yet come."
Right now, I hope that you will spend some time studying the book "What I wish I knew", as well as watch a valuable video clip on how to educate the adolescents. Thank you all for everything. More video

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