Forming a Positive Attitude in Children Through Reading

One of the main benefits of reading to children is to form a positive attitude toward learning in general. Many research studies have shown that students being accustomed to reading before the age of four have better academic achievements in all subjects at the elementary level. Almost all parents know that reading to children is a beneficial thing to do, but are you sure that you thoroughly understand the value that reading brings to your children?
Reading to children helps tighten the parent-child relationship. As your baby gets older, he or she will become hyperactive, and is always in a state of playing, running and constantly exploring the surrounding environments. Snuggling up to your children with a book is a great opportunity for both of you to "live slowly," and keep those sweet, loving moments of childhood with them.
The best time to read to your child is when both you and he or she are relaxing and do not have anything to do in a hurry. Reading should be a pleasure, not a job. If parents see reading as only part of the daily work, children will immediately realize it. Readingaloud to children is a slow activity of fun and relaxation. So, you have to be interested in it and use positive words when you start reading.
Many parents gathered reading into a sleep time ritual. The reading activity can be conducted from children's birth, while they are being fed or while they are playing. You can read anytime and anywhere with the intended orientation to turn reading into a daily habit and activity of children.
Children love the simplicity and colors in all things. Eye-catching reading materials which are dominant in bright colors, animal pictures, household items, human faces and toys in big size pictures are very good for children. Children need to be exposed to reading activity everywhere inside the house: bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even outside. Parents should change the books to suit their living environment and children will find that reading is not a separate activity from their lives.
It is understood that reading is fun. Reading to children from the early state of their personal development helps them perceive it as joy not duty. When growing up, these children often choose books as an alternative activity for other means of entertainment such as television and video games. Therefore, parents should change the contents to suit children's ages. Look for attractive reading materials with more adventurous stories that help increase children's expectations as well as interests. One way to increase the participation of children in reading activity is to stop reading at the chapter that the story is left unfinished and the end has not yet been clarified. This will stimulate the development of children's critical reasoning skills.
Finally, remember that you have the ability to arouse your children's potentials by simply turning reading into an indispensable part of their lives.
Right now, I hope that you will spend some time studying the book "Habits of Happy Kids", as well as watch a valuable video clip on how to educate the adolescents. Thank you all for everything. More video.

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