Is One Woman Made Better Than Another by Having a Husband?

Some women have thought that love means everything to them. Women usually sacrifice themselves for love. In many countries, women are supposed to consider their husband and children as everything: their love, life, happiness and even their honor. But, few people think that once a woman accepts letting go of all the things and people she is holding on to, then it is also the moment that love is lost.

In her early childhood, a little girl may be constantly reminded by her mother of some cardinal virtues of femaleness such as carefulness, discretion, diligence, and decentness, in addition to many other expected qualities for a girl compared to those for a boy. Most girls are trained to do domestic work like doing chores and cooking. Those are things that a young boy never gets involved with.

People can find somewhere on the internet some frequently shared stories in which a widowed husband quickly remarried another woman shortly after his spouse's death. Nobody forces a husband to be faithful to his dead wife, but it is sadness that the deceased wife, when having been living beside her husband and children, sacrificed all her life for her family. Such wives never dared to do luxurious shopping for themselves but saved all the best for their husband and children. In the default mindset of many generations, sacrifice is a distinguishing feature that makes women different from men. And, as a consequence of the mindset, many women have suffered and struggled to survive. When they can no longer endure the hardship of life, they have to bend their backs to carry the heavy burden of the so-called "feminine vocation".

How long has it been that so many women have hung on to the thought that their husband, children and family define their entire lives? Is it true that a woman is made better than another by having a husband? Being born a woman is a misery because women have so many things to worry about and care for. If they are concerned about nothing, what will life have for them? It could not be wanderings or conquests no matter what arena they are in. Time waits for no woman, and men rarely accept women of old age.

Men do not spend their own time exclusively for women. They are always independent in every decision; and even without having a woman beside them, they will be still able to prove themselves to others. On the other hand, women are different. They spend all their youth crying too much for men, recalling the memories, and even staking their happiness on men.

Therefore, as a woman, you should set aside some time and live for yourself. Be confident no matter what stage of life you are in. Take good care of yourself and make yourself beautiful simply because of you and for your own pleasure. Happiness is never available in a man's hands or an outsider's eyes. Modern women are always learning how to think like a man - never letting the trifling worries and incidents of daily life conquer their strong wills, and never letting emotions interfere with their thoughts or affect their important decisions. So, never let a man share your bed while his name has no longer been in your heart.

Men have never thought that having love is the definition of their lives. Therefore, women should learn how not to allow themselves to see men as everything of their lives!

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