10 Meaningful Gifts for Women Who Just Gave Birth

Do you have relatives or close friends who are going to give birth or just gave birth? And you do not know what gifts should be given for her on this occasion. Here are 10 meaningful gifts that are suitable for women who just gave birth or were in confinement.

1. Parenting/ Childcare books

Motherhood is not easy at all. Child care is difficult and parenting is more difficult. Parenting/ childcare books are meaningful gifts for new mothers. The mothers can read books to relax and learn experience in child care and parenting. Buy on Amazon

2. Diaper bag set

Diaper bag set is an item that new moms will need. Whenever moms and newborn babies leave their house, this bag set is very useful. You should choose kind of diaper bag set that contains several newborn clothes, some socks, a few diapers, 2 bottles, one pillbox, 1 powdered milk box, etc… Those bags should have some main compartment with multiple pockets. They will be proper and portable for moms when going out, walking, or going to hospital for vaccination or regular examination. Buy on Amazon

3. Personalized Baby Name Jewelry (Necklace or Bracelets) 

Necklaces or bracelets with the engraved baby name and date of birth are also a meaningful gift. Note that if buying this gift for baby, you must pay attention to the safety for baby; the details are not sharp and painful when the baby wears. Buy on Amazon

4. Gifts for newborns

Currently, gift sets for babies are popularly sold with lovely colors and designs. The gift set includes several items, which can have clothes, towels, clippers, socks for hands and legs, hats, blankets, lotion, milk bottles. However, you should buy cotton clothes with famous brand because babies' skin is very sensitive. Buy on Amazon

5. Smartphone, Ipad and Flexible Long Arms Mobile Phone Holder 

Smartphone, Ipad and flexible long arms mobile phone holder are a good choice for gift. For example, moms can surf web to look for parenting and child care information, or shoot photos of babies. Flexible long arms mobile phone holder is useful for mothers when they both do household chores and care babies. Babies can watch videos or music on smart phone when their mothers do chores. It is also the way to help moms to relieve stress in the process of caring kids. Buy on Amazon.

6. Cajeput/ lavender Essential Oil

Some essential oils are very good and useful for new mothers and young children. For example, cajeput essential oil is for prevention of pneumonia and cold treatment for babies. Moreover, it stimulates and clears the mind. Lavender essential oil is for treatment of insect bites. Buy on Amazon.

7. Heating equipment

In winter weather, heating equipment for your mother and baby is a good ideal. There are different heating equipment kinds such as heating lamp, fan heaters, bathroom heat lamps and so on. Depending on the actual conditions, you can choose the most suitable equipment. Buy on Amazon.

8. Stroller

This gift helps new moms be more leisurely when caring their baby. Or when walking in the park, it is also necessary to use stroller. Buy on Amazon.

9. Child bicycle trailer and stroller

Child bicycle trailer and stroller is a new and unique gift that has many usage functions. It is used as both a bicycle trailer and a stroller for jogging, exercising, recreation or just for fun when taking the baby to the park or go to school and so on. Depending on kinds and models, accessories for use as a jogging stroller, bicycle trailer, and weather covers are sold separately. Buy on Amazon.

10. Fitness Machine/ Equipment

After childbirth, most of new moms are becoming obese because they have less time for exercise and movement. Getting in shape with slim body is the dream of many women. Buy on Amazon.

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