6 Reasons to Change Your Style Right Now

Sometimes you wonder why you had tried your best, but you still could not find the key to success in love and career.

There are things that seem to be harmless such as your hair dye colors, earrings or or wrinkles on flap due to your bad habit of holding necktie whenever you are confused, etc. Unintentionally, all above things can be the reasons why you lose points in his/ her eyes.

Or sometimes you wonder why some people whose competence and appearance is not as good as yours are more successful than you. Do not blame for luck because this factor accounts for only 1% and 99% failure is caused by yourself. It is also the reason why you should change your style right now.

1. Help "them" find you

"They" could be customers, partners, friends or even your future spouse. They will not be able to find you if you are not outstanding. The difference in style will help them find you.

2. Make First impact

Principle of First impact - the first impression - is always right, 90% of successful people make other people remember them immediately when they first met. Thus, please do not hesitate to make an impression to be remembered by them.

3. Shorten the distance

For women, wearing high-heeled shoes and short dresses is not advantageous at any time. In terms of business, the excessive womanishness can make partners underestimate your role. When the gap such as position and age is removed or shortened, you will find something to be smoother than ever.

4. Respect the opposite person

With whom will you will have more sympathy between a sloppy man with long dirty fingernails man and a correctly- dressed man? Remember that paying your attention to appearance is the way that makes the opposite person feel to be more respected.

5. Take maximum advantages of your body

If you have beautiful teeth, let's smile more! Or if you have solid shoulders, highlight them by wearing sportswear or vests. Or even if you feel that you are not beautiful, do not hesitate to join a dance club or gym to lose weight to help your body slim and healthy.

6. Enjoy the way you love yourself

Changing your style from the appearance (hair, clothing, earrings...) to inner feelings (oral communication skills) is the way you are kind to yourself. Enjoy the happiness of those changes!

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