9 Necessary Items When Traveling

Packing personal items into your luggage is a must-have step before traveling to anywhere. Here are indispensable items that will help you have a comfortable and safe trip if necessary.

1. Identification Document

Identification document is one of the indispensable things when traveling, whether you take the international or domestic tours.
If you travel abroad, you have to prepare passport and identification card (national ID). You should check flight ticket and other papers relating to the reservation at the hotel before departure. In the case of traveling with young children, remember to bring your child's birth certificate.
And if you travel in your country, the necessary documents are identification card, driving license, train/flight tickets, papers of hotel reservation and so on.
Note: Keep your personal documents in a safe compartment to prevent from being stolen.

2. Cash and bank cards

When traveling, travelers must prepare enough money for expenditure and other necessary situations. However, you are advised not to carry too much cash in your pocket. Using ATM card and other bank cards is one of the cost-saving tips.

3. Daily items

 You should pack some essential items such as cosmetic bags, skin cream, sunscreen, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towel and so on. When traveling, there has no available water for you to wash hands or face, bringing wet tissues, hand towels, bath towels is essential for travel.

4. Medicines and medical devices: 

When travelling, you must prepare a personal medicine bag including cold medicine, medical tape, medical cotton, mentholatum ointment, hydrogen peroxide, medication for insect bites, stomach ache, motion sickness or sea sickness, car sickness, air or train sickness in case of injury, pain, headache, stomach ache.

5. Soft-heel shoes and sport shoes

You'll have to move and walk so much in the trip. If you wear high- heel shoes, your feet become swollen. Thus, you should prepare all types of canvas shoes and sports shoes which are suitable for hiking trips or a sandal for sea trips. Buy on Amazon.

6. Travel Pillows & Blankets

You will use travel pillow for overnight flights, train rides, bus travel, camping or backpacking trips. It is helpful to make you more comfortable and avoid being tired.

7. Instant hand sanitizer

Normally, we do not pay attention to this item. To ensure the health and hygiene for yourself and your relatives in the safe trip, you need to bring antibacterial soap or hand wash gel to keep hands clean and minimize the possibility of food poisoning.  
However, when traveling on a vehicle or visiting to places where there is no water available for washing, hand sanitizing gel is an extremely convenient solution. You and the accompanying people do not need to rinse with water while ensuring bactericidal and deodorant for hands. This item is very suitable for moving and picnic.

8. Camera, charger and battery backup

To shoot beautiful and memorable photos in your tour and show off them to family and friends, bringing a camera is essential for you. Do not forget to prepare battery charger and a pair of backup batteries in case your battery runs out

9.  Electricity converter

This is very important when you travel in other countries. For example, in Europe, most countries are using three-pin sockets, or some places only use 110-Voltage electricity. Therefore, seeking information and taking appropriate adapter are extremely important. If you forget power adapter, ask for help at the hotel reception table before buying a new one. 

Have a good journey!

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