Apple Watch 2015: Price, Image, Specs and Accessories

Apple has officially unveiled its first smartwatch line - Apple Watch that is designed more fashionably than its traditional technology devices. Because the Apple Watch mainly focuses on fashionable styles, its price is higher than other products'. This article introduces three available versions of Apple Watch: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition with prices from 349$ to 17,000$, excluding VAT. In addition, we also find more information on bands and their prices. I myself like the way that Apple designs Apple Watch's bands because it is wonderful and creative instead of designing bands with leather or metal material in the traditional way. Even there are bands with an inner layer of Vectran weave, a material to make landing airbags for spacecraft.

Apple Watch Sport


This is the cheapest version. Apple Watch Sport collection cases are made from lightweight anodised aluminium alloy that is 60% stronger than standard alloys. The display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass. Apple Watch Sport  is available in two different sizes: 38mm and 42mm. The Sport Band is sold with price of $49. Color bands are made of high-performance plastic in five colors: white, blue, green, pink and black. Obviously, you can use and replace any strap of Sport Band for other Apple Watch products and vice versa.

Apple Watch


Apple Watch is the version that Apple mainly emphasizes and hopes to be bestseller. Apple Watch has a higher starting price of $200 than Apple Watch Sport versions. Apple Watch features a high-strength alloy of stainless steel that becomes up to 80 percent harder through a specialized cold forging process. The display is protected by sapphire crystal.

Apple Watch Edition- Gold


Apple Watch Edition has retail price from $ 10,000 to $17,000 with 8 different designs. Each has a watch case crafted from 18-carat yellow gold or rose gold. Those are two fashionable colors. Those versions are too luxurious for me to own. The strap is separately designed and not retailed, or only sold in case of replacing old ones. Especially, if you buy Apple Watch Edition, the price difference between 38 and 42mm is up to $2,000.

Accessories for Apple Watch

1. Sport Band, 49$

They are made from high-performance plastic in 2 sizes: 38mm & 42mm with five colors: white, blue, green, pink and black.

2. Milanese Loop: 149$

 A modern interpretation of a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century. Woven on specialized Italian machines, the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. And because it’s fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop is infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit.

3. Modern Buckle, 249$

A small French tannery established in 1803 produces the supple Granada leather for this elegant band. The smooth top-grain leather is lightly milled and tumbled to maintain its refined texture. What looks like a solid buckle is actually a two-piece magnetic closure that’s delightfully simple to secure. This product is also added an inner layer of Vectran weave for strength and stretch resistance. It’s the same material NASA used to make the landing airbags for the Mars Rover spacecraft. This band is available in soft pink, brown, midnight blue, and black.

4. Leather Loop, 149$

The Venezia leather for this band is handcrafted in Arzignano, Italy. With an artisan heritage spanning five generations, the tannery has a history of partnership with some of the most prestigious names in fashion. A delicate milling and tumbling process enhances the beautiful pebbled texture. Magnets concealed within the soft, quilted leather allow you to simply wrap it around your wrist for a precise fit and a trim look. Available in stone, light brown, bright blue, and black.

5. Link Bracelet, 449$

Crafted from the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the case, the Link Bracelet has more than 100 components. The machining process is so precise, it takes nearly nine hours to cut the links for a single band. Once assembled, the links are brushed by hand to ensure that the texture follows the contours of the design. The custom butterfly closure folds neatly within the bracelet. And several links feature a simple release button, so you can add and remove links without any special tools. Available in stainless steel and space black stainless steel.


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