Change your mindset to change your life

Bill Gates said that “If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake.” Many people complain that they failed because they did not have any chance to break. But they forget that opportunities are completely created by themselves.

A lot of people get lucky to achieve early success and happiness when they are young. However, there are some people who cannot get a comfortable and perfect life until the end of life although they have worked hard to make money. The poor always think that human destiny is predetermined by the Creator and begin complaining about their poverty more frequently. However, the above negative attitude is the explanation for incompetence, disorientation, lack of confidence or limitation of thinking and perception. Your life is entirely created by yourself.

When referring to the phrases "the rich", "the successful people" or "the successful businessmen", most of you will think of the famous names such as BillGates, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Jack Ma, or Larry Page and so on. In my opinion, the concept of "the successful people" is really simple. That you are successful does not mean you own a bank account with thousands of dollars. Also, it does not mean that you must be the owner of a large enterprise with hundreds or thousands of employees. Simply, you are successful when you find your own development path to maximize your capacity and talent.

As a high school student, I used to think that my future would be better only by studying at university. If I failed the entrance examination to university, my future would be certainly closed. And unfortunately, I did not pass the entrance exam to university. I was so sad, sullen and depressed that I did not go out for a long time.

One day, a friend invited me to work as a collaborator selling balloons in the street. At first, I thought that this job was ridiculous, but I still decided to go with my friend to relieve stress. And then, I had a great passion for balloon art when I saw the balloon artists creating a lot of awesome shapes only by using balloons. They were extremely innovative and highly creative. The next day I decided to attend classes of balloon art. I joined online forum to discuss and learn experience from other balloon artists and improved my soft skills in communication and marketing. After 3 years, I established a vocational training center on balloon art. I was successful although I did not study at any university.

That was my story. How about you? I think that it's time for you to change your thoughts to climb the ladder of success.

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