Have You Created Miracles for Your Own Life?

Have you wondered why your fate was too unlucky? Have you been not satisfied with your current life and felt so depressed and frustrated? Have you had a decision of giving up your life with all dreams and desires? If you have pessimistic thoughts like that, please take a minute to think, "Why are you present in this world?”

Each life is a miracle. God gave each of us a life and we have to be responsible for making our life become miracles. It really makes us be moved to tears when we witness the energetic lives of the indomitable people who overcome their tragic fates to get success and bring miracles to this world. Those miracles can change your attitude toward life. Nick Vujicic has made a miracle and become a typical example of life lesson: Never give up.

I was very sympathetic and touching to read biographies and articles on the internet about the optimistic attitude and extraordinary energy of Nick Vujicic. Unfortunately, he suffered from tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. However, Nick struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically with his disability. Eventually, he overcame his imperfection to live with hope and find the true happiness and meaning in life. His energy and life have inspired millions of people all over the world and awaken our spiritual strength. Nick has made a miracle. He not only won himself but also became the magic mirror to overcome difficulties for all the disabled in the world.

That is the extraordinary life of Nick Vujicic, how about you? Will you continue to complain about your unhappy fate? Will you decide to give up your life, dreams and desires if you have difficulties and challenges? Will you become more optimistic and motivational? Do you believe in yourself?
I believe that you will know how to make your life become better. You are luckier than millions of the disable in the world because you were born as an ordinary person. Just don’t lose your patient and trust, you can do everything. “Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don’t give up.”

In fact, the difficulties in life are opportunities for you to think and determine the proper way for your life. Those lucky days bring you happiness whereas those hard days bring you more rewarding experiences. All are necessary for life.

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