How to Discipline Your Children in the Right Way?

Discipline is what you do to change the behavior of your children and help them learn to set limits.
Discipline is about guiding children in ways that support their development of self-control and self-esteem.

The word "Discipline" is often confused with the concept of "punishment". Some countries favor of physical punishment, but many countries protest against that crude behavior. Hitting children can lead to negative changes and make them feel shame and distrust. Meanwhile, the healthy and fair disciplines help children mature both in emotion and perception.

Contrary to punishment (negative behaviors), it is measures of enhancing positive behaviors. This method use compliments to encourage every child to do well. This method is more efficient and helps parents encourage the good behaviors in the future. Parents should acknowledge those good behaviors of your children and encourage them timely. Obviously, sometimes the punishment is still necessary. However, the punishment will make your children feel anxious, helpless and frustrated if they are too much punished.

Parenting is a challenging journey and requires patience. Your discipline should be based on your child’s development period. From the newborn period, parents can set a framework suitable for training for the ability to adapt to situations. Some stages of development process require a higher form of discipline. Discipline must be built on a foundation of love, trust, respect. It must be consistent with the developmental stages of children.

Implementing effective discipline is not always easy and takes some practice. Don’t get discouraged! Remember, if you don’t get the results you want, think the situation through and try again.

Discipline is a positive experience that helps children learn to set and follow behavioral limits and develop self-control.

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