Apple Watch Predicts When You’re Going To Die

If you know when you will die, will you live a more meaningful life? Certainly, all of you will answer "yes". "When I will die?" has been an unanswered question given by many human generations for a long time. And in the future, this question seems to be answered by a smart device: Apple Watch.

The Rehabstudio R & D team is in the process of completing an application that allows Apple Watch to estimate how much time its owner has left on this world. Obviously, it does not have the ability to speculate on the living evidence of the body. It is based on the living mode of the users - this is a completely new idea. Life Clock - name of this app - operates as a healthy living calendar. It reminds us what should be done in the proper time. For example, at midnight it will automatically remind the user to go to bedroom soon. It sounds to operate as the normal alarm clock. Thanks to a powerful, sensor-laden wrist computer on the smart watch, Life Clock can calculate the amount of calories that your body is consumed at that time. Since then, it will sort out which activities are being taken by comparing the calculated calories with the standard calories scale for each activity such as doing exercise, jogging or working at office and so on. Furthermore, if its owner has habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, this app also help Apple Watch identify the factors that cause harm to health and give warnings.

You're wondering who Rehabstudio is and why they can do it. Here is the answer. Rehabstudio is a team who has developed e-marketing campaigns for two well-known brands, including Red Bull and Ace Hotel. Life Clock is derived from the idea of Tom Le Bree. Tom Le Bree says, “Tomorrow, I’m the guy that goes to the gym, quits smoking, and stops eating fatty foods. But today I’m going to have one last cigarette." He also emphasized that many people now are selling out their future by such present mistakes and non-scientific activities. This app is like a reminder for the future and a prediction of mortality when we live a unhealthy and non-scientific lifestyle.

Life Clock is likely to become a popular application, but Apple has not yet confirmed if it will allow owners to use third party faces with the watch.

Time and health are two of the most valuable assets of a person's life. If you do not know to adjust your actions in accordance with scientific criteria, it is easy to lose both of them. Life Clock may not operate as expected. There can be no technology that can predict the time when we die, at least in the near future, but if you make a reasonable living timetable right now, a lot of people will not need to have an application when to go to sleep or when to eat lunch.


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