Losing Weight after Childbirth

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Today, many women undertake many social positions with requirement of having a well-proportioned body. However, the majority of women gain weight after giving birth. Overweight can be caused by overeating without doing exercise regularly or changing hormonal. Many women think that if they do not eat much, their baby cannot be fully breast-fed. However, there is a misconception. Each nursing mother has to eat under her energy demand and vital nutrients for breastfeeding. In fact, there are mothers who do not eat much, but still have a lot of breast milk and vice versa. The mechanism of lactation depends on not only diet but also many different factors. Thus, the most important thing is to breastfeed frequently with the right way, keep comfortable spirit, sleep in moderation and participate in physical activities reasonably.


Do not eat too many starchy, fatty and sugary foods. For example, you only need to eat two bowls of rice for each meal. The most important rule is to eat enough nutrients. You should choose kind of milk with less sugar or without sugar. Especially, sweets, soft drinks and kinds of sweetened condensed milk should not be used. You should not eat too much sugar fruits such as bananas, sugar-apple, mango, jackfruit, grapes and so on. Nursing mothers had better eat plenty of green vegetables to prevent obstipation and risk of weight gain. Drink plenty of water from 2 to 2.5 liters/ day.

Fitness Exercise

Six weeks after childbirth, mother's body can get back to normal. At that time, new mothers are healthy enough to be able to do exercises to get back into shape. Those fitness exercises can help mothers recover physical strength faster, improve blood circulation, enhance elasticity of abdominal muscles, promote the contraction of the uterus and perineum, reduce the discomfort of muscles and prevent constipation.

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