Sitting Too Much Is As Harmful As Smoking

Sometimes, you must sit to work for a long time at your office. This is very harmful to your health. 

Sitting too much increases the risk of back pain, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

A recent study published on The American Journal of Epidemiology on the information basis of 185,000 people in 14 years shows that the sitting time is related to mortality, not depending on the level of physical activity. Accordingly, sitting too much is as harmful as smoking. Moreover, it increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.

The scientists explain that sitting makes your folded body, tightened hips and hard spine. It is difficult for blood circulation and negatively affects to functions of brain, heart, and even risk of blood clots.

The best way is to decrease your sitting time 

Some health experts advise to change the sitting posture regularly to increase blood circulation and muscles to be moved. Here are some methods to reduce the sitting time:

- For every 30 minutes of sitting, start standing and moving at least once: You can change the habit of sitting too much by every 30 minutes you spend 5 minutes standing up, stretching and moving to read newspapers, listen to phone or drink water or go out to breathe fresh air.

- Change your sitting postures frequently instead of sitting in one posture for a long time. Such that is not only prevents from the harmful effects mentioned above but also helps you work more efficiently and productively.

- Eating while standing: If you are forced to sit for a long time at work, you had better limit daily activities in the sitting posture. You can have breakfast or dinner or watch TV in a standing posture. Those simple activities are good for your health.

- Take more movement: Every day, you should spend 15 minutes sitting on the floor to play or read books with your children instead of watching TV or using your computer at home. You can walk on foot with your children or favorite pet, do gardening, clean your house or do exercise. This will increase the total movement time per day.

- The most important thing is up to your consciousness. If you are inactive, just like sitting, the change is extremely difficult. But if you really want to change, you should always create opportunities for yourself to move and change body postures frequently to maintain a healthy body.

Thus, if you are sitting for a long time, let's leave your desk and get out of your chair more often to protect your health from now.


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