The world's smallest drone: A dangerous tracking device

A tiny drone that just fits in the palm of your hand has been launched. Whether it can become a dangerous tracking device that shows the privacy of everyone or not?

Recently, Unbox Therapy, a famous YouTube channel, has posted a video of the CX-10 Mini Drone, which is considered as the world’s smallest drone. Certainly, the first thing that every user can think is that whether it can become a tool to secretly keep track or not. 

Unbox Therapy reveals that users can only control the CX-10 indoors because it is so tiny and light that a gust of wind can blow it down. This means that you cannot use it as a device to monitor or move for a long distance outside your house. 

However, if scientists can improve this drone with heavier material combined with resistant to wind and natural impact factors, it will certainly be a redoubtable tool for everyone when they can be tracked at any time. For all that, the CX-10 mini drone is really a very interesting device. Let's view the video below to check it out.


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