Tips to Help Your Kid Learn Maths Intelligently

Instead of forcing my 3-year-old son to learn too many things, I help him learn and play to create his passion and fun for Maths without feelings to be forced. Here are 8 tips to help your kid be fond of maths I want to share to mothers.

1. Read Maths puzzle books

I often buy some Maths puzzle books with many colorful and lovely images to learn Maths with my child. He will be more excited to learn when looking at the funny and comic animals, trees, fruits and so on.

2. Perform a play

I gather all his favorite toys such as green frog, teddy bears, spider man, robot, make a funny play with those toys and help my son learn maths. He is always interested in my story and puzzles. For example, Spider man rescues the princess captured in the palace. Teddy bear and dinosaur go to school. Thus, how many toys are there remaining now?

3. Use parts of the body to calculate

Initially, I taught my kid to know how many hands, legs, eyes are on the body. And then I asked, "Can you show me your three hands?" and counted "one, two" and I also asked, "Where is your third hand?". My son replied immediately " No third hand, Mom". I smiled and explained " That's right. Every person has only two hands. One. Two" and counted "One. Two" together with him.

4. Encourage the imagination of your kid

If you only use mathematical sticks and numbers to teach him learn Maths, I am sure that he will be quickly bored. Sometimes, the mothers should encourage your child to imagine and relate to what he or she likes. By this way, he or she will be very interested in learning. I often ask some questions. For example, "What is the biggest number that you can count now?" - "Mom, 15"-  "Ok. Now you can imagine that you have 15 pieces of cake, and then I will give you ṃore 3 pieces. How many pieces of cakes do you have now? - "Mom, 18" - " Wow, good good good. Now the biggest number you can count is 18. You are very good". And I clap my hands to applaud him.

5. Learn maths and help to do chores

When your kid feels that his "mathematical ability" is very useful, he will be funny with this subject. You can ask your child to use his ability to get enough chopsticks, spoons and bowls before meals for each member in your family without excess or lack of those items. Or you can ask your kid to put cakes into microwave so that each baking tray has 3 pieces of cakes. When your kid can help you in doing chores, he or she will be happier.

6. Let your kid count everywhere at any time

I often ask my kid to count how many pens, books or notebooks on the table. On the way to his school, I encourage him to count how many trees there are from the house to school. This tip helps your child increase his observation and number of count.

7. Use technological devices

Children who are 2 years old or more are allowed to watch TV and other technological devices. When I was busy, I often allowed my kid to play himself with mathematics apps downloaded on Ipad. Those game apps help him to learn Maths effectively. You can download games such as Teddy Numbers, Underwater counting, Splat square and so on. However, to avoid not affecting the eyesight of children, every day I only allow him to play those games no more than 2 hours.

8. Praise and reward your child

When my son gives me the correct results, I always clap my hands, praise and reward him. His reward may be his favorite cakes, fruits or candies or a hug with praise " You are so good, my dear!" Certainly, your kid will feel more confident and motivated.
Those are my secrets that I have applied to help my son learn Maths. Here are tips to help your child learn and play without forcing him or her to sit on the learning table. Hopefully, these tips will be useful for mothers.

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