12 Simple Things Every Child Should Learn ASAP

There are simple things that parents always ignore when they raise your kids. However, those simple things bring many great benefits in practical life for your lovely children.

1. Call emergency numbers

It is a good idea to teach your kids know how to call the emergency numbers on mobile phones, telephones or even from a public phone booth. Your kids should lean by heart and remember important telephone numbers and know how to call them in case of emergency.

2. A golden rule

You should teach children to remember the golden rule: Treat others the same way you want them to treat you. It is a basic moral lesson that you need to teach children soon.

3. Telephone number and address

Do not forget to teach your children about Mother or father's phone number (or both numbers) - as well as home address - to be able to communicate when necessary, in case your children get lost.

4. How to tie shoelaces

Shoes today are designed with cute and colorful shoelaces. Thus, do not hesitate to teach children how to tie their shoelaces when they are young. This skill helps children not only look after themselves but also enhance the children's movement and combination skills.

5. Good things come to those who wait

Good things will come to those who wait. Patience is something your children should learn - and it is particularly important in the teaching of saving money.

6. A hand-written greetings

Email, text message, and phone calls are the best ways to say thank you or hello, but those are not as meaningful as handwritten greetings. Teaching your children to write a letter is considered as giving them an important life skill.

7. Polite behaviors

Teaching your children speak the polite words "please" and "thank you" is an important part in their behavior in daily life. Furthermore, other behaviors are also taught to help your kids become persons with polite behaviors such as holding the door for someone or saying " Excuse me" when disturbing someone. All are the basics to teach them.

8. Politeness in making/ answering a phone call

Telephone and mobile phone are playing an important role in our culture. Thus, teaching children to speak with others on the phone politely and correctly is compulsory and necessary. It is an impolite behavior to answer a phone call with words "What?", "Huh", or even "Why” when your kids grow up.

9. Eye contact

The shy children do not always make eye contact. Teaching your children to talk with others by eye contact will be a long way in helping them to develop the communication skill. To do this, your kids have to stop using e-devices or mobile phone as soon as possible.

10. Say "no"

Children need to know how to say "no" if they are uncomfortable in some situations. Especially, when they grow up and spend more time being outside your home, they needs to be comfortable to set their own boundaries with others.
11. Joy of paper books

Reading eBooks is a wonderful way. But today, children seem to miss the feeling and joy of keeping and reading a good paper book. Thus, all by means, you should maintain your child's reading paper book every day instead of using an electronic device.

12. Cycling

Cycling is one of the skills that every child needs to learn. This is not only a healthy sport but also the best way to help your kids to wean your child off video games.


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