7 Ways To Remove Pesticides From Fruit and Vegetables

Health is the most precious capital of the mankind. However, many fruit and vegetables with high content of pesticides are being consumed on the current market. Those negatively affect the health and life of humans. Let's protect your own health by applying the following methods to clean vegetables and fruit before use.

1. Expose to the sun

Sunlight makes content of pesticides in vegetables be broken and resolved. Exposing vegetables to the sun for 5 minutes helps remnants of pesticides on vegetables as organic mercury and chlorine will be reduced about 60%.

2. Wash thoroughly before eating

This is the golden rule to ensure safety for your health. It is extremely necessary to clean dirt or chemical residue coating vegetables by rinsing with warm water. Make sure you rub the peel of fruit and vegetables by hand to remove all debris and bacteria.

3. Do not wash with soap, vinegar wash or mouthwash

Washing fruit and vegetables with soap, vinegar wash or mouthwash will get more harmful to food because pesticides can penetrate through peels of fruit and vegetables more easily. To ensure hygiene and safety, you should install the water filters to filter out the chlorine and other harmful compounds from water.

4. Wipe dry before use

Just washing fruit is not enough if you want to reduce pesticides. Use disposable paper towels will remove pesticide residues.

5. Peel 

The nutrition experts encourage you to peel fruit or trim away the outer layers of vegetables. It sounds wasteful. However, doing such way will ensure health for you and your family because you do not know whether those fruit or vegetables contain pesticide or not.

6. Heat at high temperature

Heating fruit and vegetables at high temperature also make pesticides be resolved.  After washing some heat-resistant vegetables like cauliflower, beans or parsley, it is vital to scald them in hot water over 2 minutes to make pesticide decline 30%, then cook at high temperature to eliminate 90% of pesticides.

7. Buy organic fruit and vegetables

It's easy to buy organic fruit and vegetables in your local supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. Although these products are a bit more expensive than those bought in the market, it's less risk to your health. However, you had better to wash and clean fruit and vegetables thoroughly before processing.

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