Build Family Happiness Through Daily Meals

Family happiness is often described by beautiful words and expressed by ethical values such as parents’ love, trust, honesty, sharing, care, and sacrifice for children or children's respect to their parents and grandparents, etc. Moreover, family happiness is also reflected by behaviors' family members, or by daily activities such as eating, relaxing, chatting or playing. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the significance of their daily meals in building family happiness.

Everyone is satisfied with one's own physical when having meals at home. We certainly feel happy, comfortable and free when eating delicious dishes which they like. Moreover, family meals helps members, especially children learn to share and make concessions. For example, children will know to share delicious food for others, not be selfish to eat alone.  This is the way of specific, practical and effective education on sharing not only among members within a family but also other people in hard times in social community.

Family meals are an opportunity to reunite family members after one working day. In modern life, parents often have lunch at work and their children eat at boarding school. The members only have chance to have dinner together to share and talk about what happened around them in that day. From those stories, all members can understand and know other's daily activities. Family meals allow parents an opportunity to be aware of and monitor their children’s moods, behaviors and activities with friends. This kind of parental monitoring is important for parents to be able to know what their kids are doing, who they are with, and where and when their activities are taking place. Therefore, if there are no evening family meals, the whole family will have no time to see each other to talk and chat.

Family meals at hone are totally different from those at restaurant, hotels or any other luxurious places. Having family meals at home creates the special warmth and feelings because those are happened in a familiar and close-knit atmosphere with traditional cooking style and dishes. 

Happy family is built by such simple things! However, to get this simple happiness, the head of families, especially women, need to take care of meals to make them be really meaningful. There is no need to have complex dishes, but it is necessary to cook delicious and nutritional meals which are proper with each member's taste and family's financial expenditure. A mother will become a perfect mother if she knows each member's favorite dishes. Members will feel mutual care and acknowledge of the significance of family and meals.

Well-organized daily meals in the family not only meet nutritional requirements that are necessary for the survival of family members to ensure each member's health but also contain spiritual, psychological and emotional values. It's the attention to moods of each individual and the way to build family relationships among members.


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