Quit Something To Get Happier!

Quitting and pursuing something are two things we always have to choose in life. When should we persevere in doing something? And when should we quit? That is a question that only you can make the best choice for yourself. Here are 4 things I personally think that if you can give up, you can live a happier life.

Quitting the thought: "I'm always right"

This may be something you always have to keep in mind if you're having a romantic relationship. Sometimes we are stubborn to prove who is wrong and who is right and forget that there's nothing important when those are complex affections or emotions of humans.

Quitting the thought of considering you as the victim

Your perception of a thing helps you control your life more effectively. This life does not have absolute things. Bad things will frequently appear in our lives. But if we face with those bad things bravely, and we are not stuck in the thought of "I am the victim of life", we will be more likely to pass and more motivated to move forward.

Quitting the blame

Did you blame to deny responsibility that you were supposed to receive? Blaming somebody/something/ situation for something is clearly easier than evaluating you. The blame does not help to solve any problem and is not good for anyone - no one wins or loses in this denial. In contrast, time and stress you used to think of the way to blame others only take you a chance to correct and move forward.

Quitting the complaint

Complaining is neither a way to win nor is a true lifestyle. When you can share your sadness and worry, you will be so relieved. However, nobody wants to suffer all day long from your complaints. Of course, nobody can help you to overcome those difficulties but you. Do not let the negative thoughts that decrease your fighting spirit. And you remember that taking specific actions would be better than just sitting there and complaining.

When you learn to accept yourself including strengths, weaknesses, mistakes or differences, you will feel a happier life. When you feel confident, you will not be too concerned about what other people think of you. You no longer have to think whether someone likes you or not because you really know that those who truly care about you will love your truly personality without judgment.


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