Some Things Have Been Changed Forever After Childbirth

Like all new mothers in the world, being a mother is the happiest and most marvelous thing to me. Since the day of having baby, I am less concerned about what will happen to me. I am busy with replacing diapers, breastfeeding, feeding, bathing and playing with my baby. 24 hours a day went quickly. And really, there are things that have forever been changed after childbirth.

1. If I used to be very difficult to fall asleep ago; but now, it takes only a few seconds to fall asleep and start to snore like a pig. That's a shame.

2. It is difficult to concentrate the spirit to work due to lack of sleep. Breastfeeding a few times at midnight is normal. Sometimes, my baby cries all night for some incomprehensible reasons and I also wake throughout the night.

3. Freckles on cheeks make me become darker and uglier. After having a child, my skin is aging too fast. This make me have low self-esteem when I go out.

4. I no longer own firm breasts. Being a mother, I am compelled to choose to be a good mom. It means that I have to breastfeed, but in return it is the degradation of my   breasts that I have never repaired again. Sometimes I feel self-pity when I see myself in the mirror. My previous glamor was gone forever.

5. My breasts tend to be smaller and drop down around navel while my belly, thigh and leg are becoming bigger and bigger. I cannot wear your previous trousers and shirts. I must select the largest size, even oversize of trousers.

6. After having a baby, I will not have much time to loiter to go shopping as before. I will be forced to choose my favorite clothing quickly and complete everything in a hurry.

7. After childbirth, I become a Superman. I can just take care of the little baby, just clean the floor with my legs, just talk on the phone with my mother, and just think menu for dinner. Well, all at once, that's the truth. I became a superhero mother reluctantly.

My life has been turned upside down since I gave a birth. However, I do everything in the happy mood and I am voluntary to sacrifice all for my great happiness. My daughter is the reason I laugh, smile and want to get up every morning.

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