Spending An Hour A Day Interacting with Your Kids- Can You Do This?

In today's modern families, parents seem to spend less time interacting with their children due to busy work. Their kids always feel the lack of attention and care of parents. Everyone has 24 hours a day, so why can you not spend an hour each day being closer to your lovely kids?

Are your children really happy?

Children are the greatest asset of the parents. Therefore, parents are always ready to meet all requirements such as giving money or buying toys that their kids like or want.
Parents only meet the physical requirements and simply think that it is the best way to bring happiness for their kids. However, it's just a momentary demand and cannot really make their babies happy.

Many parents explain their absence with the reason of busy work. But in the child development stage, the actual thing that every child needs is his/her parents' care, not toys, not money or gifts. They will feel lonely when playing alone in a large house. Teddy bear, Barbie dolls or cars become the only and best friend of your children. Moreover, the miserable children who have no chance to be received their parents' care are easy to suffer from depression or autism. Those diseases negatively affect to the life and study of children. Currently, the number of children with autism is increasing. Thus, parents, schools and society have to take responsibility of bringing about a healthy life for our kids.

Spend time talking with children to make parents and children be closer.
"An hour a day" - Can you do this?

An hour a day is a very short time. However, it will help your kids feel the attention, love and care from parents.

"An hour a day" - despite being a short time, it is the powerful string to link and shorten the gap between parents and children. One hour is not enough for you to talk everything to your kids, but it will help them feel love and care from their parents. An hour a day is a meaningful time to receive happy smiles of your children. That is eternal happiness.


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