How to look younger: 3 secrets even you don't know.

When work and pressure life is rapid-fire next, issues some troubles such as

crinkle, eye dark burr. Here are 3 habits before sleeping help being younger.

After half-year retention, you will surprisedly realize your body that is 15 years younger.

1. Exercise before sleep, a well-proportioned healthy body:

You can lie down on your bed, do few simple movements, relax your body also is

good for your physic and mental.

Firstly, lying down, lift your legs up and massage it. Keep that posture for a while, or

close to the wall in the shape of L, it helps to eliminate fat in calf.

Then lie on your back with your legs hanging above respectively in the position of 90

degrees , 45 degrees and 30 degrees , each one  hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute , or

depending on the limit that you can maintain . This action may create a thigh.

Or you can also cross your legs, chest leaning into the thigh , 2 arms outstretched on 2

ears, from elbow upwards to palm down on the bed . This action helps eliminate stagnant


2. Five-finger hair comb, get a nice hair. 

As we know, the head part focuses some important acupuncture points of the

human body , through stimulation during combing hair , may have the effect of massage

First use the straightening comb hair, starting from the forehead, brushing down, using

moderate force.

Then use  your fingers, gently massage the scalp, comb and rake in turn from ear lobes,

nape and forehead to top, then focus on sinciput reflexology massage. Repeat in more 30

times, until you feel your scalp numb.

This action helps the brain blood circulation, help the brain receive adequate oxygen.

Thereby achieving effective memory enhancing, protecting root of hair, consolidate  hair

follicles, eliminate fatigue of the mind.

3. Hot water foot bath , blood circulation 

Feet are the furthest parts from heart, not easy to get the oxygen and blood ,

adding that now is the winter, will be more susceptible to blood-vessels, causing blood

vessels contracting, making the provision blood levels more difficult.

However, the feet is another focus area of the body acupuncture points, if it doesn’t have

enough blood supply, it will affect the normal functioning of many organs such as liver

and kidney.

Therefore, soaking your feet in warm water before bed, is useful for promoting

blood circulaton, accelerating metabolism. Especially, it is possible to add herbal 

medicine into the foot bath water, because there are pretty much tendons and acupuncture

points on feet, may well absorbed components of the medicine  in the water.

If you want to reduce cold feet or cold back symptom, put few Angelica

sinensis commonly known as “female ginseng”, Ligusticum (licorice-root); to reduce

dizziness, put chrysanthemum, Prunella vulgaris; to refect frostbite, add apsinthe.


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