Making Your Child Be More Responsible

Most parents find it hard to motivate their children especially when they run a tight schedule every day. Are you that parent who doesn't have time for his child? You need to consider the following tips if you want to learn how to motivate your child and make him/her be responsible.

1. Get your child involved

You should always involve your child in everything you do. This means making a list of some of the things you could do together. Like brushing shoes, cleaning the house, taking the dog for a walk, cutting grass among other chores. This gets your child in shape and makes him or her take care of the environment and be responsible.

2. Keep time

You should always teach your child the importance of keeping time. This means that if you agree to start doing something then it should start on time. If it means waking up earlier to beat the time required then so be it. Be the first one to wake up. You should always work towards inspiring your child instead of trying hard to motivate.

3. Let your child make his own choices

The best way to teach responsibility to your child is to let him make his own choices but also hold him accountable by letting him face the natural consequences that come with it. It is also advisable not to focus much on the imperfection of your child. Take a moment and appreciate the positives. You should praise your child when you see something good in him.

Of course there will be times when your child simply will not want to do anything on the list or 'play ball'. Explain that even adults sometimes feel like this. This is the perfect time to negotiate with your child. Enter negotiation skills. You can do it! If your child starts to dig their heels in, relax and try to insert some fun (also, try to see the humorous side of things). For example, one day 'folding laundry was on the list', so I folded the tops, while my child folded the bottoms. It turned out to be a fun and easy collaboration between parent and child.

That said, passing your education to your child is vital. Although he is entitled to his own choices, you should always make sure your child grows up in the right way. You will always do better if you work as a team and don't make it look like you are in charge at all times. Right now, I hope that you will spend some time studying the book The Education Book
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