How does sleeping make somebody look younger?

How does sleeping make somebody look younger?

 Well first of all, everybody knows what somebody looks like who hasn't had a good night's sleep. So just aesthetically, we see that there's a big difference in somebody who has had a good night's sleep and somebody who hasn't, but what does that really mean? One of the things we know is that with sleep deprivation, circulation is down. You don't circulate nearly as well as you would have if you were well rested. And so one of the things we see, with poor circulation, we see edema underneath the eye. The same thing holds true for dark circles.

The skin underneath your eye turns out to be almost paper thin. It's incredibly small, and so the capillaries that are under here, when the blood is not circulating well and giving that nice rosy appearance, blood can pool, which can cause these dark circles. Now, you may get a ton of sleep and still have dark circles because that could be genetically predisposed. Next, we look at overall skin health.Okay, and so when we look at your skin, what we now say is a healthy skin, it's sort of a glow, rosy cheeks, red cheeks, things of that nature. not necessarily the red nose per se, but just the overall appearance. Again, that's a circulation issue, and we know that circulation is decreased significantly with sleep deprivation.

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