Prepare Your Kids for Back to School After the Holidays.

After the fun and indulgences of the holiday season, going back to school can be a less than thrilling prospect for kids. “Back to school” tips on how to get kids back to school on the right foot.
The good news is that getting your children back on track isn’t as stressful as doing the same after the much longer summer break. Here are a few tricks that can help smooth the transition from school to home and back to school over the holiday break.

Wake Up Early.
Start waking the kids up at their normal school time several days before they go back, even if they stayed up late the night before. They will likely have no trouble going to bed on time on days when they woke up early.

Talk to Your Children About Going Back to School.
.Communication is key in parenting, but one of the key things when talking to your children is to remember to listen as well. It should always be a two-way conversation. Which reminds me of an old saying my grandmother used to say, “We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak”
Keep school at the forefront of your kids’ minds by talking about it each day of the holiday break. Ask them which friends they are looking forward to seeing when they go back and which classes are their favorites. Read books off your kids’ reading lists then ask them questions about the books.

Setting Up a Back to School Game Plan.
Once you have an idea of how your children feel about going back to school, you can set up a game plan with them to get them off on the right foot and keep them moving in the right direction.

Getting back to school after the extended holiday break doesn’t have to be as stressful as taking a test. Remember to stick as close as you can to the normal wake-up and bedtime routine during the break, but don’t worry about the times when the holiday keeps you out late—just get back on schedule the next day. Routinely engage them in positive conversations about the return to school while they’re still enjoying their break.

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